Chapter Seventeen

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Bree lives with the Denali's now. It would be easier in the cold wet climate for her to learn control. Less people. Harder to smell. I wanted to keep her alive, but I don't have any storyline purposes for her. 

Chapter Seventeen: Planning a murder

Chapter Seventeen: Planning a murder

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Today was Bella's wedding. It had been exactly two months since the fight with the newborns and she was getting married to my ex husband in my house.

Isn't that lovely. Sure I had moved on with the love of my immortal life. And sure Edward and me being together was a distant memory. But I couldn't stand Bella.

I was deeply hurt by what the two had done. And even though it led me to Paul, I was pissed. It wasn't even close to right. Nor was it fair the hurt they caused me.

I have a right to never forgive them. And sure after a while it won't hurt at all and I'll probably laugh with Paul about it, but 68 years don't just disappear. And a mistress who is now marrying one of the two people you ever loved hurt.

So as their wedding gift I will try to be civil but I will not forgive them nor will I forget. I believe when they went behind my back to talk and then he kissed her, I earned my scorn.

I dressed in a lavender dress. It was simple. Just plain lavender that fell past my knees. I had curled my hair and applied lipgloss.

I placed on some silver heels. They were 8 inches. With me being 5'7 I could never wear heels that were super tall, not with Edward. But Paul was 6'8. The wolves were huge in wolf size and human.

All of them were between 6 and 7 feet. It was a perk I never thought I would have. I grabbed a sheer silver shawl and headed down stairs to greet people.

That's the duty I was given. Apparently no one trusted my patients to be around the actual wedding until the service.

I get it. I hate Bella, the color purple, and Edward. I mean I don't hate Edward. I loved him far too long to just hate him. But he is no longer a part of my family. He lost that right when he chose Bella.

And yes I'm happy he did or else I would have never been with Paul. I just hated the situation we were thrown in.

"Hi welcome," I welcomed Seth with a hug. I turned to the woman.

"And this beautiful lady must be Sue. Hi, it is so nice to meet you." Sue smiled.

"It's nice to meet you too." I let her go inside. I grabbed Seth's arm gently when he went inside.

"When is Paul going to be here?" I asked.

"He'll be here in a little while with Billy." I nodded and let him go inside.

I saw Bella's friends from school and it was like I had a visual reaction. My whole body wanted to hurl. Creepy Mike, Lauren the word that rhymes with witch, Jessica the pick me, and Angela and Eric weren't that bad. In fact Angela was very sweet and I actually liked her. It sucks she was friends with the group.

"Hi, welcome." My voice was way less enthusiastic. Angela tried not to give me a pity look. Everyone knew me and Edward had been together. But then Bella came and I left.

It left everyone wondering what really happened between us three. Jessica gave me a pity look not even trying to hide it. Lauren sneered slightly. Eric was staring at Angela which I found cute and Creepy Mike was looking down my dress.

"I wouldn't look down, her dress if I were you." I knew that voice. Mike jumped scared.

"Paul!" I exclaimed and pushed past the group. I wrapped my arms around his neck and placed my lips on his. He picked me off the ground. He placed me down after we disconnected our passionate kiss.

He had patrol so I hadn't seen him after....our time together. I grabbed his hand and walked back to my position at the door. Paul glared at Mike the whole way.

I knew I could take care of myself as did Paul. I still liked being treated as a lady maybe even as a damsel but I hated being treated like I'm not worth protecting.

"This is my boyfriend Paul." They all muttered hi's.

"I'm Lauren." The stupid bimbo twirled her hair at him biting her inflatable lips. I glared so hatefully, hopefully her fake hair would catch on fire.

Paul gave a disgusted look. "Lauren," She turned towards me. "Stop eyeing my boyfriend before I rip out your cheap weave. Kay?" She looked alarmed. She gulped before nodding and dragging Jessica inside.

I glared at her the whole way. I was so angry so had the audacity to flirt with Paul. And not only that she did it right in front of my eyes.

If I wasn't scared about how long my leachure would be I would have snapped her neck like a toothpick.

"Sweetheart?" I drew my attention to Paul.

"Yes?" I asked.

"You're being very quiet." I patted his cheek.

"Darling, nobody plans murder aloud. That's how you get caught." Paul furrowed his eyebrows but let it go. "Come on, let's go so I can get out of this dreadful color."

"You don't like purple?" Paul asked.

"It has to do with Emmett, dye, and my handmaid wedding dress." I stated. Paul raised an eyebrow.

"Emmett dyed your wedding dress purple?" I nodded.

"The uglies lavender color." Paul kissed my cheek, making me relax.

"And you look amazing in purple." Paul stated.

"I look amazing in everything, Darling. Keep up." Paul smirked and followed me to our seats at the back of the house. 

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