Chapter Eighteen

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Chapter Eighteen: Speeches and Slaps

Chapter Eighteen: Speeches and Slaps

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We sat down in the second row. The music started to play. We stood and turned to watch Bella walk down the alse. I have to say she did look beautiful.

Alice did a good job. I watched as she walked towards Edward. The vows were sweet. Though I did imagine killing her in the wedding dress. You know poetic justice.

A little while later we were at the reception. Me and Paul were sitting at one of the tables. Seth sat on the other side of Paul and then Sue. Billy sat beside me.

"Bella looked nice." Sue said talking to Charlie who had come over to talk. I gripped my drink. Yeah. Still pissed.

"Yeah, Alice did a good job." I stated.

Charlie smiled at me. He had that same pity look in his eyes. Really? Does everyone know Edward left me for Bella?

"Hello, is this thing on?" I looked at Emmett on the stage. I placed my head into my hands.

"Oh no." I mumbled. Paul looked over at me. "He's gonna say something inappropriate."

"Bella, I hope you got enough sleep the past 18 years because you won't be gettin much more." I sighed. Paul let out a chuckle.

Many more people went up. My ears almost bleed at Renee's singing. Don't get me wrong, it was sweet, but she was drunk. No one sounds good drunk.

Everyone had gone and I was expected to say a few words. I walked up to the stage. I placed my hand on the microphone.

"I met Edward a while ago. It was after I had been with Carlisle for years. Edward came and we clicked. And as many of you know we were more than friends. But people drift and people love other people. Edward was my person for so long. He was my best friend. And I am truly happy he has found someone to love and care for him." I almost gagged at the lies.

I did want him to be happy. I just want him to feel the pain I felt first. Call me cruel but I feel it is only fair.

"And I am happy that I get to share in this joyous moment with my family." I smiled and walked off the stage. I sat next to Paul.

"It was a lovely speech." Billy stated.

"It was a lie." I whispered. "I moved on, but what they did still hurts." Paul put his arm around my shoulder and pulled me close.

"I'm gonna get us some drinks." Paul nodded. I walked over to the drink table. I was searching for the good stuff. I guess all we have is champagne.

Bella and Edward were right beside me. They were getting greeted by most of the Denali coven.

"I can't do this, they brought some." I turned and saw Irina. She glared over at Seth and Paul.

"Irina." Kate warned.

"Those monsters killed Laurent." She stated. Edward went to say something.

"Excuse me!" I called. They all turn towards me. "Yeah, Irina, those 'monsters' were invited. And one of those 'Monsters' is my date. So I'd watch my mouth if I were you."

"You're a slut, always have been always will be. It doesn't surprise me you're sleeping a mutt." I slapped her. Hard.

The slap was very loud and attracted attention. "Don't you EVER call me a slut, when you're mad you even with your legs wide open Laurent would never love you!"

"You're wrong." She stated.

"You're in denial. New flash Irina he would have never loved you as much as he was loyal to Victoria. So stop living in the past and blaming how you feel on everyone else. You wanted him. He left. He didn't want you back. Get over it and stop acting as if everyone is to blame. Move ON! Get over yourself. I'm sorry he's gone but he was no saint." I stated.

How dare she come to my home and insult me and my boyfriend. I picked up the glasses of champagne and walked back to our table.

I sat down and angrily placed the glasses on the table. The audacity! I huffed and then down my drink. I stood up grabbing Paul's hand.

"It was lovely meeting you Sue. And great to see you Billy, Seth. But Paul and I have some things to do." I said and dragged the shifter from the party. I pulled him along until I reached my bedroom.

I opened the door and pulled him in. I slammed the door and locked it. I pressed him against the door.

"What are you doing?" Paul asked.

"I want you." I stated. Paul smirked.

"What about the vampires?" I raised an eyebrow.

"Let them hear. I honestly don't care." I pressed my lips to his. He kissed me back just as harshly. I flung off my heels. I took off Paul's jacket. 

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