Chapter Nine

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Chapter Nine: Friends?

	After the sparring I took a walk

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After the sparring I took a walk. The leaves under my feet, and the cool breeze that enters my lungs. I don't have to breathe but it makes me feel human.

I heard a twig snap. I turned towards the sound. It was Paul. He was human. "Hey."

"Hi." I said back.

"Going on a walk?" I nodded. "Care if I join?"

"I would love for you to join me." I smiled brightly. Stop, Artemis. You're letting yourself care.

We walked a while. It was quiet. He looked nervous."Are you okay?" I asked.

"Yeah. I'm uh I'm fine." He stuttered. Cute. Stop, Artemis.

"You just seem nervous." He sighed.

"There's something you need to know." I nodded. "Us shifters do this thing called imprinting. It's not like love at first sight. And you don't have to be with your imprint, but the shifter will do anything for the imprint."

"And you've imprinted?" I asked.

"Yes...On you." I took a deep breath. "I just....It felt wrong to keep it from you. And like I said it doesn't have to be a relationship. It can be a friendship. So like how we are now."

A million thoughts rang through my head. It's not like he can help it, right? And he's so nice. I don't like getting attached. It leads to bad things.

"Say something, please." He pleaded.

"I don't know what to say. This imprint means attachment and relying on someone and every time I do that they leave me, one way or another."I rambled.

"The imprint means I can't leave you." The imprint.

"But I'm a leech, a bloodsucker. I am a monster." I state.

"Don't say that." He said softly.

"Don't say what?" I asked.

"Don't call yourself a monster." He stated.

"But that's what I am, Paul. I'm a vampire. I'm a monster. I'm not innocent. I didn't wake up and be bright and sunny. I was made to be a weapon and that's what I was. I killed because I was ordered to. Even worse, I liked the power I felt when I killed. If that isn't what a monster is then I don't know what is." I raised my voice slightly.

"I don't care." He stated.

"You should. You really should care. You should be running for the hills. You should be telling the rest of the pack to burn me at the stake." My breathing was picking up.

"I'm not going anywhere, so you're gonna have to suck it up." Paul stated. He put his hand in mine. "You're stuck with me."

"What a shame." I whispered lightheartedly. He laughed slightly.

"And the imprint doesn't have to mean romantic feelings. We can be friends, but please don't push me away." I nodded.

The imprint meant he couldn't leave me, willingly. But that doesn't mean he can't be taken. I think a friend is what I need right now.

"I won't push you away." I stated. It wasn't a lie as I don't plan to push away the very handsome shifter. I'm just not 100% sure I'll stay when the threat is gone. 

Sorry it's so short. :(

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