Chapter Seven

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Chapter Seven: One Dance

	I pulled on a black top with no straps, it had straps around my stomach

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I pulled on a black top with no straps, it had straps around my stomach. I wore a black shirt, it fell to my ankles except it had slits up both sides to the top of my thighs. I also wore my black louis vuittons.

If I was forced to go to graduation I would be outshining everyone there. I'm kidding, It was the only thing I could find.

I left a lot of stuff in New York, that included most of my regular clothes. I had someone sent to get it. Well I compelled them. That was my power. I could look into anyone's eyes and tell them to do something. They do it.

I don't use it much. I think my family will see me as more of a monster. I look in the mirror. I sighed. I walked out of my room and headed down stairs.

I stepped into the living room. "Go change." I heard Emmett's voice.

"No, I like it." I stated.

"Come on. That's too much." He stated.

"Stop being overprotective." I smiled at him before turning around. I walked outside and got onto my motorcycle. I rode to the school. I don't want to be here. I hopped off of it. I walked into the school and took a seat. I rolled my eyes as I felt the eyes of the horny teenage boys.

Some guy touched my shoulder. I flipped him off. He walked away. I didn't want nor did I need their attention.

My family soon accompanied me. I watched as they graduated. I swallowed hard thinking of my memories from when we went to school. I slowly closed my eyes. I take a deep breath and open my eyes.

I was standing in the corner drinking some whiskey. I had a small stash upstairs in my room. The liquid burned it's way down my throat. I looked on at the party goers. I almost let out a bitter laugh looking at Edward stare at Bella from across the room.

Did he ever look at me like that? I don't think he did. I don't want to be here. I glared at all the people whose bodies clashed as they danced and had a good time.

I just want to talk to Paul. He listened. I mean him just being near makes me feel like... No. Don't go there. It won't end well. It never does. I took another sip from my cup.

I saw Bella storm across the living room. I rolled my eyes and watched where she was heading.

"Was my right hook not subtle enough?" Bella asked. I scoffed. I ignored the conversation. I was suddenly being pulled into the dancing teens.

"I don't really feel like-" I cut myself off looking at the man who pulled me to dance. I looked into his dark eyes. My breath hitched. He gave me a dazzling smile.

"One dance?" Paul asked. I nodded.

"One dance." He pulled me close. He had a hand on my lower back, the other was grasped with one of my hands.

We were so close, I felt his chest heave while breathing. His eyes looked like those of a predator. They were sharp and never seemed like he stopped thinking about taking out everyone in the room. He held his head high, but never made much of a scene until he needed to.

"Having a bad night?" He asked.

"Something like that." I smiled lightly.

"Is it better now?" He cocked his eyebrow up.

"Much better." He smirked looking down at me.

"Is it because of me, darling?" I wanted to shiver at the nickname.

"Even if it was, what makes you think I'd admit it?" I asked with a smirk of my own. I heard a gasp and looked to the stairs.

She had a vision. I pulled myself away from Paul. Not that I really wanted to. I was walking off when I felt someone's hand grab my wrist. Paul was giving me a concerned look.

"Alice." He followed my eyes towards the stairs. He nodded and we walked to the stairs.

"We're not going to settle their coming here." I slipped my hand into Pauls. I hadn't really noticed I did it.

A little later we were all in Carlisle's office. My hand hadn't left Pauls. But in the heat no one noticed.

"How long?" Edward asked. I looked at Alice.

"They'll be here in four days." Alice replied.

"This could turn into a bloodbath." Carlisle stated,

"Who's behind it?" Edward asked. Alice then said something about Rylie Barriers. My hand tightened on Pauls. I can't lose anyone else. I won't, I refuse.

"Their after Bella?" Embry asked, this pulled me from my thoughts.

I scoffed. "Of course." I whispered.

"Artemis." Carlisle warned.

"What?" I asked. "It's always about Bella. I mean isn't it. I mean really. Come on, get over it."

"We're in." Jacob said.

"What no you'll get yourselves killed." Bella protested.

"I wasn't asking permission." Jacob told her.

"Edward." Bella said.

I was done with this drama. I zoned out. The wolves started to walk out when I zoned back in.

"We'll be doing some training. Killing newborns requires knowledge that Jasper has. You're welcome to join." Carlisle stated.

"Name the time and place." Paul offered.

They all then left. I felt empty. I didn't like it. 

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