Chapter Fourteen

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Chapter Fourteen: Get out of my way.

	I woke up next to Paul

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I woke up next to Paul. His arms were tightly around my body. I was practically on top of him. I started to move. He held me tighter.

"Paul, Darling, you're still hurt." I stated. He opened his eyes.

"And? I'm fine. I feel better when you're next to me." I blushed slightly looking down.

"I have damage control to do back home. No one knows what's going on." I state.

"What's going on?" Paul asked. I looked up at him through my eyelashes.

"Us. This. You." I sighed. "I hadn't told anyone about the imprint. Because for once it was mine. Because I didn't want to taint it." He leaned down and pressed his lips to mine.

I let out a surprised noise when he pulled me fully on top of his body. He never disconnected our lips. I pulled away though I never wanted to.

"I will have to go home soon. I doubt your pack likes me around La Push." I sighed.

"Well that's just too bad for them, because I want you here." My heart seemed to soar at Paul's words. I stood up from the bed placing my shoes on.

"Don't worry. I'll visit you everyday until you're better." I stated. Paul sat up in bed.

"I guess I just won't get better then." Turned and saw a smirk clear on his handsome face. "I mean if you're gonna visit me everyday."

"Darling, when you get better you can come over to my house." Paul's nose wrinkled.

"House full of vampires who hate me?" I shook my head.

"They don't all hate you." A small smile played on my lips.

"Fine two that hate me, two overprotective brothers, a pixie who's actually really nice, and Momma Vampire and Doctor fang. Who are both nice but they all have seen me naked which is weird." Paul stated.

"Doctor Fang?" I questioned.

"I mean he's a doctor and has fangs." I started to laugh lightly. "It doesn't matter. Look I really don't see how me going to your house with the people who hate me is going to be good."

"Okay, then when you get better we'll figure something out. As of now I need to go home." Paul let out a sigh. I walked over to the bed and leaned down.

I pulled him into a passionate kiss. It was sweet. This was paradise. "I'll see you tomorrow." I started pulling back.

I left La Push quickly not wanting to push my luck. This was a place vampires weren't welcomed. And I never had a huge problem staying away. Now that Paul is over there, it's gonna take everything in me to stay away from La Push.

I stayed in the woods longer than I should have. I don't know how they're going to react. I slowly trudged into the house. Everyone was sitting in the living room including Bella freaking Swan.

Like does she even have a life outside of sniffing Edwards behind. Like come on. I awkwardly shifted from foot to foot. I stared at the ground

"Arty," I looked up from the ground. "Tell us what's going on." Emmett pleaded. It made me feel really guilty. I felt my mood change and turned towards Jasper.

He shook his head as if he was saying I didn't need to feel guilty. "Paul imprinted. He's my mate." I said, holding my head high. I was proud he was my mate and no one will make me feel bad about that.

"A mutt." Rosalie sneered.

"Watch your mouth." I snapped. Rosalie was taken aback. I didn't often yell at her.

"Artemis," I turned towards Esme. "If you are sure that Paul is your mate, that he makes you happy," I nodded. "Then me and Carlisle would love to officially meet him." Carlisle nodded.

The two had been surrogate parents to me. I love them as much as I loved my own. They are always there for me.

"Are you kidding me?" Bella spat. "A vampire and a shifter? You really must be metal. They will never accept you."

"Shut up, Bella." Jasper snapped. "I've had enough of your mouth. I have had enough of you all together. This is a family matter and you are not family so sit down and shut that mouth you always seem to be running."

I smiled at Jasper. "Carlisle you can't this happen. This is dangerous for Bella. And he's a dog." Edward stated outraged.

"Stop calling him names. He is better than you." I sneered.

"Bella is not my priority. My priority is my daughter." I looked at Carlisle with happy tears in my eyes. "If she's happy then I will let the Voltire roam my home. I would let the demons run loose."

"Bella is my mate, she should be protected." Edward stated.

"And Paul is mine. He had been there for me. He held me as I cried. He has been there every time you all weren't. I want to be happy. Why do you all get to be happy but me?" I yelled. People looked down in shame.

"But-" Alice tried to say something when she chose Edwards' side. She always did.

"You. You knew what would happen didn't you." Alice looked alarmed. "You knew he would leave, yet you let me marry a man who never loved me." I looked towards Rosalie who hated all wolves along with humans. "You stood by as Edward left. Still mad he didn't love your looks. You told me you always knew he couldn't love me because he has no idea what beauty is. So you sat and you listened. And yes you didn't choose his side but I needed my sister and you left me to find my back from pain."

I turned to look at Bella. "I gave you a tour of the school. I listened to you complain about Forks. I became someone you could talk to and you steal my husband. You take my person. And I have never done anything to you, but from now on stay out of my way." I yelled.

"And you." Look at Edward. "You are a coward. You hide behind your words far too scared to do anything. You threaten me when I insult the slut you left me for. Now you're doing everything in your power to stop me from moving on. New flash, I'm not your fan club. I'm not Bella ready to bow at your feet and cave to your will. And I am not your wife anymore. You have no right to tell me who I can and can not see. You are not my friend, my boyfriend, my brother, or even someone I like."

"This is not something you have any say in. So get on board or get out my way. I will be with Paul. I will be happy and I will not hide my emotions. I will stay in this house. I will hide in my room. I will avoid you anymore. But I'm telling you if you don't stop this crude behavior it will tear this family apart." I stated.

Carlisle, Esme, Emmett, and Jasper had never done anything. They all tried to be there for me but they were caught in the crossfire and I shut them out.

I look towards Esme. "And I would love for you to meet him."

"Lovely. How about next week?" She thought a moment before looking up at Carlisle. "Will he be better by then?"

"I'll have to check on him soon, see his progress but he should be." Esme clapped her hands together once.

"Perfect." I smiled at them trying to see my side. Even inviting another species into their home. I gave them both a hug.

"I love you." I whispered into the hug. 

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