Chapter Twenty-Two

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Chapter Twenty-Two: Two Heart Beats

	I woke up to a sleeping Paul holding my hand

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I woke up to a sleeping Paul holding my hand. I shook his shoulders. His head shot up and then his face broke out into a smile. He jumped up from the chair and practically tackled me farther onto the bed.

"What happened?" I asked. He moved his head from my neck.

"You passed out yesterday." Paul stated. I was completely surprised. I had never passed out before.

"I did?" I asked.

"Yeah, no one told me what happened before you did though." Paul stated. The memories started to come back to me.

"Bella's-" I cut myself off hearing an extra heartbeat. I looked down towards my stomach. Could I be? No. No, that's ridiculous. But I'm the first vampire. Nothing with me has ever been normal.

"Bella's what?" Paul asked. I looked at Paul.

"Sue's a nurse, right?" Paul nodded. "Can you take me to her?"

"What's wrong?" Paul asked. I couldn't tell him, if it ends up not being true.

"Nothing. I just need to speak to Sue." Paul nodded. I sat up and grabbed my shoes someone had taken off of me.

"Are you gonna wash off the blood?" Paul asked. I looked in the mirror and I did indeed see blood coating my temple.

I grabbed a makeup wipe and scrubbed it off. I pulled off a beanie to cover the blood stain in my hair. "This will do." I grabbed my keys and handed them to Paul. "You're driving."

We left the house unnoticed. Some were on a hunt while others were too busy worrying about the Bella, Baby, Edward thing.

We got into my car and Paul drove us to the La Push hospital. "She's working. Do you want to wait?" Paul asked

"Can you wait in the car? It'll be a few minutes. I swear I'll tell you when I get back." Paul nodded and kissed me.

I would tell him. If I was right then that would be a slight problem. I want kids don't get me wrong but over the years I figured I couldn't have them so I got used to the idea even though it hurt.

When I met Paul it hurt to believe we would never have a family. But I had him and he hadn't mentioned having a family.

I walked into the hospital on the search for Sue. I saw Sue at a computer. "Sue." She looked up.

"Are you okay? I heard from Seth and Leah that you fainted." I nodded.

"I think. I need your help." Sue got a very confused and concerned look on her face.

"Of course." I took a deep breath.

"This is gonna sound weird. Like weirder than the things we deal with everyday. But um I think I'm pregnant. And I'm almost 100 percent positive which is making me freak out. And my life has never been easy to explain. And with what I am and how I was created and everything to do with my abilities it could be possible." I rambled on.

"You want an ultrasound." I nodded.

"Please." She led me to a room. And while she set up the machine she asked me a question.

"Why do you believe you are pregnant?" She asked.

"I can hear a heartbeat. And neither mine or my family's hearts beat and sure Paul was there but there have been two. Two heartbeats. And it wasn't in the house because I can hear it now. I just don't want to believe I've gone crazy." I explained. Sue nodded.

"It sounds to me like you know." I swallowed harshly. "Alright, lay back." I laid back in the seat.

She put the gel on, and now would be the time she would say it's going to be cold. And she'll apply it and I'll be all 'oh it's so cold'. But tempchar doesn't affect me.

My heart seemed to beat in my ears. It had been 5 days since the first time me and Paul...shared time.

Which means I shouldn't even be hearing a heartbeat yet. That means if I am indeed pregnant the baby grows fast. Which would make sense given what the both of us are.

Sue almost gasped when she went over my stomach. "You are pregnant." Those words sent my mind reeling.

I mean my life or my body has never been human or cold. It had never been easy to explain yet this takes the cake.

How am I supposed to raise a child? Would I stay in the Cullen home? I don't know. I feel like I'm going crazying.

"Are you okay?" Sue asked, placing a hand on my shoulder. I nodded and stared silently at the wall.

I was happy but I was confused and very concerned. What would Paul do? I didn't know the specifics but he didn't like his dad and his mom left.

I shakily got to my feet. "I gotta go..." I swallowed thickly. "And um tell Paul."

"Okay." I opened the door and I was about to leave. "Oh and Artemis." I turned and looked at her. "Just know I'm here for you."

"Thank you." I walked down the white halls. I walked out of the hospital. And all of a sudden it was like I could feel the cold. What if he never wanted kids?

I made it back to the car. I opened the door and sat down in the passenger seat. I took a deep breath. "We need to talk." I stated.

Paul furrowed his eyebrows and nodded. I kissed his cheek softly. "So, I'm-"

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