Chapter Twenty-Seven

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Chapter Twenty-Seven: THREE!

It had been a week since Carlisle had told me everyone knew

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It had been a week since Carlisle had told me everyone knew. I was now what looked to be 9 months pregnant. So any day now.

"Paul," He turned his head towards me. "Can you get me a cookie?"

"Can I have a kiss?" He asked.

"Just get me the dang cookie." Paul stood from the couch and headed towards the kitchen.

Emily sat down next to me while Paul was gone. "Tired?"

"Yes. Making food for the pack is a lot." Emily replied. "You?"

"Well, I can hardly move." I stated, with a laugh. Emily quickly joined.

"Have you thought of names?" Emily asked. I nodded.

"Me and Paul want the name to mean something. But if it's a boy, Apollo Carlisle Lahote. And if it's a girl, Emilia Jasmine Lahote or Dahlia Esme Lahote." I started with a smile.

"What do those names mean?" Emily asked.

"Apollo is what my brother was named. He died right after I turned. Carlisle is like my father. I love him as if he is. Emilia is for Emmett and you." I saw her eyes well with tears. "Because you've done so much for me. Jasmine is for Jasper. Dahlia is a flower so that's for Rosalie. And Esme is for my mother in all except blood. Paul didn't want our child to have anything to do with his parents. He even suggested Apollo Carlisle."

"Those names are beautiful." She then pulled me in for a hug.

"Now the godparents are the tricky part." I stated once we pulled away. "I want Emmett and Rosalie. Paul wants you and Sam. Not that I don't trust you to be the godmother-" Emily cut me off.

"It's because Emmett and Rosalie are your brother and sister." I nodded. "I understand. Although I don't think you need godparents."

"It's more for the title than the insurance." I state. "More of an honor than if we die."

Paul came back over with more than one cookie. He even got me a glass of milk and warmed up the cookies.

"Thank you, my love." I said taking the plate. I eat my cookies happily. Until there's a pinch in my stomach.

Water gushes. I take a deep breath. "My water broke." I started taking another bite of my cookie.

"What?!" Paul's eyes widened.

"Yes. It appears I am in labor." I state calmly.

"I'll call Sue." Emily stated, picking up her phone. The rest of the pack was out in the woods. They were waiting to kill the child. I close my eyes and grit my teeth as a contraction comes.

In less than half an hour I was laying on a towel in Emily's spare room. Sue walks in with stuff from the hospital. Paul was next to me holding my hand.

"Okay sweetheart, I'm just going to check you." I nodded. The contractions were coming faster. I guess labor is going to be fast too.

"You're ready to push." Sue said.

"That fast?" Paul asked.

"Yes." Sue stated.

"But what about-"

"Paul, sweetheart, light of my life, my love, shut up!" Paul closed his mouth quickly. I let out a scream.

"Push." I nodded and pushed. Every inch of my body screamed. Being set on fire hurts less. Trust me I would know.

"Push." A little while later it was the last push. "It's a boy." Sue stated. She placed him in my arms.

"Apollo." I whispered.

"I'll go clean him." Emily said. I hand Apollo to Emily.

"There's another one." I hear Sue say.

"What?" I said, tearing my eyes away from my baby.

"There is another baby. I'm gonna need you to push." I did as told. I tightened my hold on Paul's hand.

"Darling, you're breaking my hand." Paul said.

"Shut. Up." I hissed.

"Push." Pushed harder. I screamed in pain. A few moments later Sue announced a baby girl.

"Emilia." I heard Paul whisper.

"I'll take her." Paul then left the room with our daughter.

"You're not going to believe this but sweetie I'm gonna need you to push." Sue stated.

"Again!" I screeched. She nodded so I did what she told me to do. I pushed and this time I couldn't grab Paul's hand.

"Another girl." Sue said, handing me my baby.

"Dahlia." I breathed out. I was exhausted. I slumped down in bed.

"I'll get her cleaned." Sue took Dahlia just as Emily returned with Apollo. She smiled, placing him in my arms. My eyes were filled with tears.

"Looks like you get to be a godmother after all, huh Em." I said softly, never once moving my eyes from my son. Apollo had tanned skin with black truffles of hair and brown eyes.

The door opened and in walked Paul. He brought over Emilia. She was paler than her brother. She had black truffles of hair with blue eyes.

"She's beautiful." Paul was smiling ear to ear.

Sue came in shortly after. She was holding Dahlia. Sue brought her over to us. Dahlia had blue eyes with blonde truffles of hair.

Sue placed Dahlia in my other arm. Paul was still holding Emilia. His eyes scanned over each of them constantly.

"Our babies." I kissed each of their heads.

A while later I heard the door downstairs open. Emilia and Apollo were asleep on my chest while Paul had Dahlia. He just stared into her blue eyes with a smile.

"Three!" I heard from downstairs. It was Jared's voice. In less than a minute Sam and Jared were in the room. They had just gotten off and traded with Embry and Quill who had been at their own homes asleep.

I had already healed. So I wasn't in pain anymore. Though I was still tired. "Come meet your goddaughter Sam." His mouth fell open.

"What?" He asked. I laughed quietly.

"Dahlia Esme Lahote is your goddaughter." Paul stated as he stood from the bed and showed her off.

"I know I can't die and this is more of a title and trust thing but we thought you and Emily would be perfect." I said softly.

"I heard you had a son and another daughter. Tell uncle Jared their names." Jared stated. I rolled my eyes.

"Emilia Jasmine and Apollo Carlisle." I stated. 

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