Chapter One

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Chapter One: Homecoming

	I smiled as I drank my tea

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I smiled as I drank my tea. I was in New York. I loved New York. The bright lights that lit up the city. The city that never slept. It was good because neither did I. Though, I could if I wanted to.

First Vampire things could be good, like I could eat and drink and cry. Yet it still made me the biggest freak out there. I was wearing a designer dress. It was black and came down to my mid thigh. It was beautiful. Emmett had gotten it for my last birthday.

My head snapped up when my phone rang. It was Emmett. I answered the phone. I hadn't seen them for 16 months.


"We need your help." Those words alarmed me deeply.

"What happened?" I panicked.

"I know you don't like Bella and me and Rose and Jasper don't much either but this isn't about her." I stared at the wall.

"Okay out with it." I stated.

"There is a newborn army forming in Settle. The Voltiri will have our heads if they find out she's not a vampire yet." I hated Bella but this was for the greater good. This was for my family. This was for Emmett, my brother in all except blood.

"I'll be there in a day." I hung up the phone and packed.

Stupid new born army making me see him again. Stupid Bella for putting them endanger. Yes I know everything that has happened.

I booked a ticket without bothering to change and grabbed my suitcase. My heels clicked as I hurried to the airport.

I was on the flight and waiting anxiously for it to land. When the plane did land it was dark outside. I grabbed my suitcase and drove home in a rental car.

The whole way home I cursed everything out there. I didn't want to come back to my ex who moved on before we were done. It wasn't cheating, but he had his eyes on some highschool girl who can't even walk right and that's who he picks?

It's not like it matters now. I was on my way to help the people who showed me I didn't have to kill people. Even if I wasn't attached to Emmett like I was and would kill and if I could die for the manchild, I owned Carlisle a lot. He of course would never make me come back unwillingly but he saved me.

He made me see that just because I hated what I was didn't mean I had to hate myself. He was like my father that way. He always knew what to say, how to say it. It was the thing I missed most about my father.

I finally made it back to the place, the house my heart was left shattered on the ground. I sighed and unbuckled. I hated Forks. A place I used to love more than anything was ruined.

So was Paris. And so was Alaska. Every place that I held a great love for seemed to dim with the memories I have with Edward.

I opened the door. By now my family had gathered on the porch. I ran and hugged Emmett first.

"I missed you." He didn't want to let go.

I smiled. "I missed you too." Next was Carlisle and Esme. They were like my parents. They remind me of my real ones so much I forget they aren't sometimes. The rest got hugs. Alice was small but hugged like she was a bodybuilder. Jasper always kept his posture from the civil war. Rosalie gave gentle hugs still hating her strength. Emmett hugged like a bear. Carlisle's hugs felt like he was your father. Esme's were filled with love.

One thing I missed were their hugs. It made me feel safe and somewhat human. I smiled softly at Carlisle. "Welcome home." I almost cringed. I don't know how long I'll be staying but I know I can't deal with Edward and Bella.

"Yeah. Um, which room will I be in now?" They gave me a sympathetic look. When Edward and I broke up we had still lived in the same room. I just stayed gone in the woods most of the time. "Don't look at me like that." I snapped.

They turned away. "You can have the guest room." Carlisle offered. I nodded. Emmett got me my luggage even though I could have handled it.

He carried it up the stairs and into the dusty spareroom. No one used this room. This used to be Emmett and Rosalie's room until they... broke it.

It had been fixed since then. I smirked. "Getting flashbacks." I teased.

"No. You shut your dirty little mouth." Emmett jokes.

"What are you going to do to stop me?" I tried to say it with a straight face. He broke out into laughter, I soon followed.

"Is that all you thought of?" Emmett barely got out.

"What did you want me to say? I want you to sanitize my new room." He laughed harder. I missed the jokes we told. I missed my brother.

I threw a pillow at his head. It hit him right between the eyes. He then collided with the wooden floors and had another laughing fit. I laughed along until I heard a car pull up.

Emmett must have heard it too because he stopped laughing. My eyes set into a glare as I saw Edward get out of the car.

I didn't want to deal with him at all. I came for my family, not my ex husband. I turned and sat on my bed. Emmett sat next to me.

"It still hurts." I whispered. He nodded.

"I know." He always did.

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