Chapter Twenty

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Chapter Twenty: The Twin Gods

	I was laying in bed with Paul

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I was laying in bed with Paul. Only a blanket covering our bodies. I enjoyed being here. My head laid on his chest.

"What are you doing?" Paul asked in an amused tone.

"Listening." I replied.

"Listening to what?" Paul asked.

"Your heartbeat." I raise my head from his chest and look into his eyes. "It calms me." He seemed to think for a moment. We just looked at each other in silence.

"If you could be anywhere right now, where would you be?" Paul asked.

"Right here. This is where I want to be. Tangled in the sheets laying in your arms." I stated. Paul kissed my lips lightly.

"Okay if you could take me anywhere, where would you go?" He asked.

"I've answered you questions." I started laying my head back onto his chest.

"What's your favorite city? That's what I'm asking." Paul corrected.

"London. 1843 to be exact. Oh it was beautiful." I stated. "Of course it's beautiful now. It's just the way the city looked fresh and gleaming in the starlight. Every Time I saw it I was reminded of my brother."

"You have a brother?" Paul asked.

"Had." I sighed. "I had a brother."

"I'm so sorry. I shouldn't have asked." Paul started.

"No, it's fine. His name was Apollo. He was brighter than the sun. He always saw the good in this world. He was strong. Stronger than anyone I have ever met. He would pick flowers for our mother and then he would go off and fight in wars. He was a beautiful person." I stated.

"Apollo and Artemis. Like the sun and the moon. The twin Gods." I nodded.

"Those stories were fabricated from cave drawings people told of my family. And over the years of the stories people heard. Even the bedtime stories I told children to help them sleep. Over the years it was taken and it became farther and farther from the truth. Years of truth mixed with fiction." I said.

"I don't like talking about him. His death was on me. When I was still a weapon. When I killed because I was told to. They came for me. They burned my village to the ground while everyone was sleeping. They even barricaded the doors and windows. They sat on the hill and laughed as they heard people die. I woke up to the fire on my face. I busted down the door. I told Apollo to run. I told him I would help the people. But he got his stubbornness from our mother and there was no time to argue." I took a deep breath.

"So when I went through the village and tried to help people that were still alive. There weren't many. When my brother went into one of the houses. It collapsed. And when the house fell, so did he. When all that was left was smoking rubble and hot ash, I searched. I searched under piles of burned wood and collapsed dirt. I found his body. Half his face was burned off; the other side had been pushed so far into the dirt his lungs had filled with it. In his arms he cradled a little girl. Her neck had been snapped. When he knew there was no way out. That this was the end. He pulled her into his chest and squeezed. Or that's what the seer of the village had said." I wiped the tears that had fallen.

Paul pulled me closer. "It wasn't your fault."

"How?" I asked.

"You didn't ask to be made into a weapon. You didn't ask for those people to burn your village. And you helped those you could. Your brother was a hero. He saved those he could and the ones he couldn't. He had mercy and gave them a quick death. He chose to help. It wasn't your fault." Paul kissed my head.

"I love you."

"I love you too." I kissed him softly before falling into a deep sleep. 

Sorry I know this is short. I needed a filler chapter for what I have planned. And I thought learning about her brother would be sweet. And to anyone who is Greek or who isn't. This is completely fake. I just thought it was good for my story. 

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