9: Our Favorite Psi

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Chapter Nine- Our Favorite Psi

Psychic vampire

(Aka 'psi')

1. A being who feeds off the "life force" of other living creatures.


Day seven. I was still hiding.

The game room stretched out in front of me, dark and dreary as ever. I crept to the attached bathroom and took a sponge bath. Then I spent the next few hours staring at the wall; visualizing my old life and my family.

After Tyson had opened the door, I decided to play stupid. So I never left of the game room. I fell back asleep on the couch, and have been waiting in here for days. Waiting for what? I had no fucking idea.

Every night, Hayden and Uzair brought me a leftover meal, and shut me back in.

My life sucked.

It's fitting that this bizarre city was underground. I was locked away. Far from the sun. I was starting see why Tyson and the others were all so pale.

I felt like the space around me was made of glass. I watched the Donors wandering in and out, with lively movements and real smiles.

Because this is their game room; they showed up quite a lot. Usually with new blood on their necks and shoulders and wrists and whatever.

It was weird. It was surreal to be there. I was trying to deny that I was here while being here, which was kind of impossible, so I watched the Donors in order to distract myself.

The teenage perfectionist Aubrey had a vendetta against me now. She scowled whenever she is within my vicinity. She always mouthed "bitch" underneath her breath and shit like that.

The three other Donors, Tyson's 'favorites', often came in, too. Apparently, Tyson's favorites were all hookers. Or they were pretty enough to be hookers, at least.

There was a pair of twins that had to be around twenty. Despite their ages, they were tall, skinny, and tan, like supermodels. Their eyes were always unblinking, and they patrolled the mansion like cats. Their tangled hair was wild and curly and callous. I didn't know them, but they were the type of sisters who were always whispering to one another in Hungarian, with their arms sloped around each other, protectively.

The third 'favorite' was a Vietnamese woman named Nam Ha. She was always in the game room, bowling by herself. Other than her messily applied makeup, her white dress and impeccable curls made her look like a queen. She never spoke much, but she always smiled at me.

Three days turned into two weeks. Tyson never went in the game room; I didn't know why. I spent my days staring at the wall.

Maybe this was good. Maybe this meant he was bored of me. If I was boring enough; maybe he would bring me back home.

My stringy hair began to fade. Brown roots were revealed on my head, and the dye faded from red to pink. It looked okay, I guessed. I missed having that bright-red hair dye. I always thought it looked pretty.

I took daily sponge baths, but only had one outfit- the one Estelle gave me. So after two weeks, my nightgown made me smell rank as hell. Its color also faded, from all of the dust in the crappy room.

My life was on hold.

Once, I was a gutsy girl with long red hair. Now, I was just a frozen-in-time girl with short pink hair, with the once-dyed color fading and melting and disappearing into the blackness...

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