25: Invincible

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Chapter Twenty-Five- Invincible


1. Anything inhuman.

2. Ex: Vampires are invincible. Don't even try to stop them.

Time seemed to stand still. I was languid and fucking overwhelmed- but wasn't that obvious right now?

Uzair still stood in front of me. His eyes were dark and stormy.

"What are you planning, Laurie?"

I opened and shut my mouth in silence. Then I rested my back against the tiled wall.

Tyson was drunk when he collapsed. So his keys may have fallen out of his pocket in his stupor. Maybe they were curled under something...? I kept searching, struggling to ignore Uzair's looming presence.

"I can't wake Tyson up, but I can always call the Council," he muttered.

My knees were shaking. Despite knowing close to nothing about the Council, any elite group that included both Ji and Paul was utterly terrifying to me.

"Ooh, I'm so scared," I lied.

"You should be. They love Donor orgies."

Uzair's voice was too dark to be joking. My eyes swung over to his. He smiled guiltlessly.

"Sorry. I wouldn't do that to you. But still... You've been acting more distant lately. Nam Ha asked me if you're scheming."

What was this? Had Hayden and Uzair suddenly switched roles?

Hayden was lost inside himself. Uzair was strong and angry.

Uzair's voice was soft and dangerous. He stared right through me, like he could read my thoughts on my face.

"Hayden's gone through hell this week. He didn't deserve to be Turned. The fact you're trying to escape right now- run away from this- makes me so fucking angry, I don't even know how to describe it."

"You got me wrong," I lied. "I'm planning to hurt Tyson."

Shock flashed through Uzair's eyes. "Really? What are you planning?"

I'd always been relatively secluded from people. Even around good friends, I tended to keep to myself.

I'd never made it a habit to lie to people. That was why it was so strange to discover how damn good at it I was.

But ummm... Fuck!

I didn't care to make up a whole alternate lie. But Uzair's aura was different now. It was like Hayden's bloodsucking had changed him.

His aura was so thick and rough, I could just suffocate in it.

"W-well, I definitely blame Tyson. That is for sure. I don't have much planned right now. But I want to get us all together, to get up against him."

Uzair smiled. Radiantly. In an instant I could see the teenage boy he once was, when Tyson had taken him.

"I pegged you wrong, Laurie. I thought you were like me- pessimistic and passive. But I'm trying to change, and I believe you. If you're planning to hurt Tyson, I'm in it all the way. Until the end."

"Good. You should be."

Well, fuck me hard and slap me! That was way too easy to be believable.

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