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Hi! So the other day I was writing and somehow I came up with a new vampire story idea. It is going to be a lot different from Captured, but if you like my writing style and read this book already, I think you would love this vampire story!! My new story is called My Vampire Best Friends and the first chapter is already published.

(Ps don't worry to readers of the Captured sequel, Sanity and Vampires- as long as people keep reading the sequel to this book, I'll keep writing it, too! :))

But if you've got a little extra time on your hands, and you check out my standalone too, I will literally love you. <3

Perks of My Vampire Best Friends:

1. Takes place in the human world!

2. General vampire badassery!

3. More romance!

4. The main characters are vampires!

So basically it is about a girl named June who is on vacation with her best friend Silvia when they get turned into vampires...

It's different from Captured because it's from the other side of the story. The main characters are the vampires. THEY are the predators!

If that sounds great please consider checking out the first chapter. Here is the link. I love you all so much!

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