6: New Reality

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Chapter Six- New Reality



1. An inhumanely cruel or wicked person.


Tyson murmured, "I'm guessing that you don't like this. But just remember that I saved your life."

"I saved your life."

"I saved your life."

I sat in the creepy hospital/bedroom, on top of green satin sheets. Tyson stared at me, waiting, as if all of this was nothing.


This was unreal.

I was so fucked.

My fingers trailed against my white nightgown. I blinked back tears.

I had to hold on. I could get out. I had to believe. I had to shut my mind off, I just needed a distraction, something, anything...

"Who cut my hair?"

Tyson frowned, and leaned away. Then he motioned to my white nightgown and bare feet.

"Estelle. It's protocol."

Why was he still here? Couldn't he leave me alone so I could cry and try to escape?

Tyson inspected me for a long, silent moment, and his head dipped to his chest. My heart thudded through my ribcage.

Was he going to kill me?

Bite me?

"Take me home. I don't want you to drink my blood again."

Tyson frowned. His voice grew soft and dangerous. "You don't get it, do you?"

I rubbed at my face. "It's obvious that I'm not the only person in the world who has the mutation. Find one of them."

He shook his head. I opened my mouth to speak, but instead became overly aware of his body, which was only a hairs-length away from me. I imagined myself through his eyes.

Fragile. Youthful. Naive, probably.

"Please," I muttered, more kindly. Innocent voice, youthful and sweet. "Take me home, Tyson."

He leaned over the bed. One of his fingers ghosted over my face, stroking slowly.

I felt dizzy. I felt unreal. Like my face was exploding.

"Here's the thing, Laurie... In order to save your life, I had to take you here. You're my Donor now. You'll be living with me here.... Forever."

"That's not allowed."

"Yeah, it is. That's what happened. If it makes you feel any better, humans don't live for very long. For you, forever is nothing. Barely a waste, really."

My breathing sped up. A sudden coldness hit me to the core. He groaned.

"Well, what do you think?"

"What I think...?" I murmured. My voice was shaking harder than a fence in a hurricane. "I think that you need to tell me you're joking.... I'm a student in college. I have friends and a family. They'll notice when I'm gone."

"I doubt that you have many friends, Laurie. You don't seem like the type."

"Shut up!"

"We teleported. They can't find you here."

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