15: Talking to a Wolf

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Chapter Fifteen- Talking to a Wolf

A wolf

1. A person that is regarded as predatory, rapacious, and fierce. They normally stick to themselves but, if threatened or someone starts a fight with them... They won't hold back and will probably hurt you... Usually very very strong.

I couldn't think.

That night, I tried playing chess with myself and a few other games. Nothing worked, so I moved to the old couch, sleepless.

My eyes were spilling out and churning. I was drunk off of apprehension, for no reason at all. Just a wind-up doll with her hands tied.

I missed storms. Just hearing lightning crackle outside might stop my head from pounding.


The game room door was shoved open. Tyson stood there, and turned on the chandelier lights with a flick of his finger.

I groaned and cover my eyes. He laughed and turned the light off again, pacing into the dark room with a smile.

"You're more of a vampire than I am."

He wore pajamas. Black pajamas.

Black and white everything. Even nighttime Tyson was obsessive.

I stared at him, trying not to remember how Ji left him thousands of years ago. The emotions got me in strange places. And why was he staring at me so strangely?

"You're staring at me strangely," he said.

I stared at the lanky, skeletal vampire. His fangs were retracted; and in the luminous darkness, he looked vaguely human.

"Really, why do things have to be so ugly?" I muttered. "Why do vampires have no control?"

In an instant, he stepped forward again, to sit down next to me on the lumpy couch. Then we were both looking at our feet. It's like we were both in trouble with our parents.

Suddenly, the jovial atmosphere was gone. It scared me, sitting there in the dark, just waiting for the vampire to tell me something.

"I was numb at first," he finally muttered. "For many years. Much like you, when you were growing up feeling nothing."

"Don't talk about me like that."

"Like what? Like I saw inside your head?"

I jolted away and a vein jumped in my neck. But Tyson just smirked.

"Come on; brighten up. It's more overwhelming for me, anyways."

I cackled. "Why? Because I'm temporary?"

"To me, yes. Everyone but Ji is temporary in my life. I don't like the idea of you humans unearthing my past."

"Yeah? But what did you see inside my head, Tyson?"

He's still for a moment, and it was strange how close to me he was in the darkness. I curled my legs over my chest.

Wolf and little Red.

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