36: Laurie's Ecstasy

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Chapter Thirty-Six- Laurie's Ecstasy

Something Tyson always knew

1.      Insanity is contagious.

  The light was golden. I wasn't expecting it to hurt my eyes. I wrenched my way out of a thicket, picking brambles off my white dress.

   The Donors gathered around me, shivering and hovering. As they saw the morning sky, they began cheering and hollering. The world became jovial within the midst of a moment.

  Tyson still stood there, in the middle of the shade, hiding from the sun, in motherfucking Vietnam. Motionless. His eyes were made of charcoal.

    I leaned in, and whispered in his ear. "Go back to your house and pass out. When you wake up, you won't remember anything about tonight."

    I was staring at the sky. By God, he'd kept us from the sky. The morning light hovered, blue, blue, blue, blue, and it was so blue and bright, I can't stop staring. The clouds were all-encompassing.

    Tyson nodded, dropped Hayden's limp body, and disappeared again. For the last time, hopefully. 

   I smiled to myself, dreamily. The trees around us were thick. Green. They had a choking quality; which was ironic coming from someone who lived in a gigantic cave. But whatever.

   I was quiet and the others were crying. We crunched against leaves and through the path, right in front of us. We made it through the brush and the brambles and onto a short length of wooden sidewalk- strange among the dark. We were really out. For an instant; I couldn't shake their shadows.

   "We have to move fast," I said. "Find a place to stay." 

   "Damn," said Hayden, "You're good at this."

   "At what?" I blinked, pushing out of my sadistic reverie.

  "Controlling people."


  "You're welcome?"

   We had my Bipolar meds in the backpack. The money. The artificial blood for Sasha and Hayden.  

   And the 'Hungarian' potion was running through Tyson's crimson veins. He wouldn't be able to smell us. Or find us. Ever.

   A smooth smile curved its way up my lips. I'd never felt so happy before. I'd never cared so much, or been so relieved to care about it.

  At least I understood vampires now. There's nothing quite like sadism.

End of book one

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