13: Beware of Real-Life Monsters

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Part Two: Deadly

"A vampire lives in a constant state of desire and disgust.

His nature often revolts him, but he doesn't have the will to deny his indulgences.

There's the killing, but there's also the pleasure, the sensuality, the lust.

The sheer ecstasy of it all."

-Forever Knight - Stranger Than Fiction


Chapter Thirteen- Beware of Real-Life Monsters


1. A means of connection; a link or tie.

2. A connected series or group.

3. The core or center.

  Well, get ready for a dramatic moment, motherfuckers.

  I've never liked showing my emotion. I always tamper it down and fight it, and pretend like it's not even there. So when I'm visibly upset, you know that I'm not fucking with you. Unfortunately.

  Thanks to the memories that were shoved into my head, all of a sudden, there was a nexus between me and Tyson. We were interconnected in a way that I'd never experienced.

   Of course, all his memories were in Chinese, so bizarrely, when I woke up, I started thinking in Chinese. 他這麼難過......他是一

  At the moment, I sat up, crying. I was still perched on top of the couch. Crimson tears dripped their way down my eyes, blinding me. My body was slick with sweat and I just wanted to crouch down and sob all day.

  Thousands of years. Thousands and thousands and thousands of desolate years...

  Being a vampire offered no safety. In a lonely world, he's always been the town's foreigner. The new stranger. With no one to even see him there.

  Right across from me, Tyson sat up. He was taller than I remembered. Even worse, his eyes were huge, twin blood streaming down his cheeks. I couldn't tear myself from the way blood looked, bright red, like mercury.

  Tyson was still wearing all black. Fancy black clothes, like he wore during his party. I blinked. Then he flickered his eyes up and stared at me. His eyes were too strong. Too steady.

  "You're Bipolar, Laurie," he murmured.

  My heart stopped. The word sizzled through my veins like fire.

  Bipolar. Bipolar. He knew that I was Bipolar.

  Hold on.

  Tyson- Xiang Long- he was once good. His memories shook me in a way I can't explain.

  And he saw us all too. The Donors.

  But he saw my memories, too. How many, though. All of them?

  I folded over, keeping my knees tucked up to my chest. I wanted to stop crying blood, but I didn't know how to stop it.

  "Yes," I whispered, eager to talk about anything other than Tyson. His memories still flowed through me. They were a part of me. "Yes, yes, yes, yes, I'm Bipolar."

   Anything to distract me. Anything to distract me from his memories.

  "I know you're Bipolar," Tyson repeated, quietly.

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