26: A Sadist's Paradise

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Chapter Twenty-Six- A Sadist's Paradise


1. The creature at the center of the maze.

2. Any person or thing that devours or destroys.

Yeah, I was out of shape. But in my heart, I was still a runner, like I once was.

Only a vampire could be faster than me. I sped through that Labyrinth like I was on fire. Uzair pushed behind me, and even though something was going on upstairs, it gave me temporary satisfaction to see me better than him at something.

The shrieking continued. It was one of the girls, that was for sure. It was too high to be Hayden.

Was it Aubrey? Nam Ha?

That fucking Labyrinth was too huge. Soon, sweat coated my face and I could hardly believe I was still holding the keys. I turned around, but the rooms kept melting into each other.

I stumbled into a room where a mirror hung so widely, it stretched across two separate walls. The gold edges were way too familiar. We were just in here a minute ago.

Uzair groaned. "This is why they call it the Labyrinth. When you're upset or rushing, it's hard to find your way out alone."

He motioned to me and led me in a slightly different direction. He seemed to know the path more, so unfortunately, I had to run behind him.

Of course I couldn't leave the Labyrinth alone. Because fuck my life, right? Of course I needed Uzair's crappy help.

We finally reached the staircase and launched up the stairs. I closed my eyes, as if expecting to see bloodied corpses or some similar fright.

Instead, there was just Sasha. She was screeching like a banshee and beating her head against the front door.

Her eyes were red with tears. Her body was like a mutated, sadistic ballerina.

Aubrey, Nam Ha, Hayden had also been drawn by the sound. Their mouths were drawn into plain O's as if they couldn't believe this was happening.

Aubrey was shrieking at Sasha. "Shut up! You'll wake Master's neighbors! You'll draw vampires from all over the city!"

She fought with the cornrowed vampire, grunting with exertion. Sasha slapped Aubrey away with ease, like she were nothing but a little fly. Then Sasha continued screaming.

Hayden sat on a swiveling satin chair, practically lounging. Nam Ha stood on the steps, with gigantic eyes. Hurriedly I slipped the set of stolen keys into my bra.

"Hey!" I yelled. "Hey! What the fuck is going on?"

I practically ran to the front door, but stopped directly in front of Sasha. Aubrey dropped her hands and scowled at me, wordlessly. Aubrey, the Australian girl, looked deceivingly innocent in a white lace dress, but her eyes were tired and angry. I'd never seen Aubrey look angry.

Sasha was still fighting towards the door. She'd smashed it open and gaping, with splinters of wood growing interlocked in her skin and sawdust crashing all over the floor. There was a literal hole in the door.

"Sasha lost it," Nam Ha called. "She just started screaming and launching herself at the door."

What the hell? Didn't Sasha know that vampires were allowed to leave? All she had to do was ask.

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