32: Wonderland

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Chapter Thirty-Two- Wonderland


A place where all the fun starts

"Shhhh. Don't wake up Laurie."

My eyelids flickered open. Al I saw was Tyson. I shut my eyes again, squeezing them hard. My heart sped up a thousand degrees.

Last night came flooding back. It was a tidal wave.

The hellish night. But we came up with a plan to stop Tyson.

Holy fuck; we even started daydreaming about rebelling against the vampires.

Of course, I knew that this wasn't a clean-cut issue. I wished that everyone had all the same motives. But contrary to popular belief, we weren't actually cyborgs.

I heart muffled squeaks. Protests. Nam Ha thrashed on the bed at my feet. It took all my energy to keep from moving.

Tyson was in the room. I could sense it.

"Tyson," Nam Ha muttered with gritted teeth, "You're going a little too deep today. I think you're going to bite off my shoulder."

"You know that I get hungrier each day, right?"

"Yes, of course."

Tyson's voice was giddy, because he was high off blood. I could hear him sucking and biting, which was an even nastier sound than Lord of the Ring sex.

Apparently Tyson decided to get riskier. Apparently he'd stopped caring about what I did or did not see.

I couldn't breathe. I begged the universe to have mercy on us and to make him go away. But he was still panting. Nam Ha was still hissing. So I sat up in bed, squinting hard against the awful light.

Tyson was sitting on the bed, with Nam Ha's head in his lap. His head was pressed down to her shoulder. He eyed me like a zombie, gently biting her soft skin.

"Good morning, Laurie," he murmured, pushing Nam Ha off.

Nam Ha bit her lip, jumping off the bed. She grabbed her package of white bandages from the cabinet, and began wrapping her shoulder. A few drops of crimson blood escaped, mottling the sleeve of her nightgown. She didn't say anything about it. Just kept standing there, silent as fuck.

Tyson leaned closer. His dark hair pushed over his eyes.

Like always, the vampire was intense and skeletal. He stared at me with a frozen smile, like he could see straight through me.

"Nam Ha. Lass mich in Ruhe mit Laurie."

Nam Ha nodded to the vampire's Vietnamese. "Fine. Be gentle with her. And Laurie- have fun. Live each moment like it's your last time."

Nam Ha stared at me and left the room, shutting it behind her. I gritted my teeth.

Fun was one thing that Nam Ha didn't understand. But whatever. I knew that her intentions were always good. Around Tyson, she just always became a coward.

Tyson teleported. One instant, he was on the edge of the bed. The next, he was kneeling in front of me. He was so close; he was practically in between my legs.

"Get off," I hissed.

I couldn't move. My heartbeat remained at his mercy. My head was aching painfully.

Tyson moved forward, until his face was practically touching mine and I could smell his cologne.

Tyson studied me. "You're hiding something."

"No I'm not!"

Fuck fuck fuck shit. He knew all about our plan. He knew that we discussed it in his own home. We even plotted to torture him.

Tyson cocked his head, studying the terror that pounded against my face. He pulled his hands back, tightening his long dark ponytail.

"You're still scared of me. Interesting."

"Of course I am! You keep threatening to Turn me!"

Even worse, you had control of my meds. I had no idea how I'd get them when we all ran.

Tyson's eyes grew strangely pitying. My mind was ticking like a grenade.

Should I run? I should probably run. He was about to Turn me anyways.

"You know that Aubrey is very loyal to me, Laurie," Tyson said. "She's also very well-known for being my eyes. She likes eavesdropping."

Shit shit shit fuck fuck fuck fuck.

"So you decided to Turn me first. For p-p-punishment," I muttered.

Fuck. I'd killed us all. All us Donors would Turn. We'd be forced to rely on blood, for all eternity. We'd all be monsters. We'd all be vampires.

Tyson turned, relishing my deer-in-headlights expression. He gave me a small smile.

"Oh, that's cute. You really think I'd Turn you over something so small?"

Small? A rebellion? Plotting against the most notorious and terrifying vampires ever?

Tyson laughed. In one swift movement, only as fast as a vampire could go, he lifted me off of the bed and pulled me into his arms.

Like a child. But I was far too close to him. His arms relaxed around me, like I was just his little doll. I could feel his chest against my back, rising and falling.

"I think it's cute, truthfully, that Hayden's kryptonite is you."

Hold on.

I stiffened in his arms, staring at the white wall in front of us. It took me a few seconds to process this.

Aubrey didn't eavesdrop on our nighttime meeting. But she heard Hayden kiss me.

Godamn it. I was so fucking paranoid.

I jerked forward, trying to get out of Tyson's arms. He held steadfast. I flailed with my arms and legs, but he only pushed me down and pressed both my arms behind me.

"You're my Donor, not his. Do you give him blood?"


"Never give him blood."

He was so close to my face. His arms were within reach of anywhere on my body.


"Also, you cut yourself right after the incident. Was this because of Hayden?"

What, my scars? And my shaving razer?

I wanted to spit at him. Tell him that it was none of his godamn business. But Tyson's fangs were out, which essentially scared me into talking.

"Not really. I wanted to get Paul's bite marks off of me."

Tyson nodded. His head dipped closer and closer to me. He was inhaling my scent and getting ready to bite me. But his eyes were distant, like he was somewhere else already.

Tyson sighed, inhaling me. "Now that you have your meds, I'm going to treat you like a normal Donor for once."

I stared at him tersely, waiting for him to drop another bomb. Maybe he woke up last night and eavesdropped on our meeting. Or maybe he woke up long enough to sense that all of us were talking in the same room.

But instead, he just bit into my shoulder, and the rest blurred out.


Did Tyson give her time to cool off, or is he planning something much worse?

I know he's being strange right now. I'd love to hear your thoughts <3

As always, ily and thanks for reading my story this far. I also love love love love critiques and comments XD

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