~Harry's POV~

"Do I know you?" I wondered. He said his name as if I should immediately know who is his. Is he famous in America or something?

Jesse just kind of looked at with mixed emotions. It looked as if he was debating whether or not to tell the truth. He also seemed surprised that I didn't, infact, know him.

"I... Uh, I'm Lissa's childhood friend..." He mumbled. Nothing really clicked until he held up the magazine article. There was a picture of Lissa and the guy kissing and then an article about me dumping her. I looked closer at the guy, then at Jesse.

"Are you...? I started.

"I'm him." He confirmed, before immediately defending himself. "I'm so sorry! I didn't know she had a boyfriend! I just kissed her. I know it was a stupid, rash decision. I'm sorry! She tried pulling away immediately and got really mad at me! But it was my fault! She didn't kiss me back or anything! I'm sorry! Please don't be mad at her for this!"

I stared at him, shocked. He seemed so flustered and worried.

"It.. It's fine." I sighed in annoyance. "I broke up with her because I thought she cheated."

"I know and I'm so sorry! Just tell her that you know better now. She really loves you."

"How do you know?" I asked, curious.

"After I kissed her, she got upset saying that she was dating you and that I had no right to do that. The way she acted just really showed that she really loves you."

Lissa didn't lie. She didn't cheat! Everything could work out!

"Thank you for telling me, man. I gotta go makes things right."

I rushed out the doors, completely forgetting about my hunger. I was surprised that I wasn't angry at Jesse. It was his fault that I was heartbroken. He was the cause of this, yet at this moment I only felt gratitude. I know knew for sure that Lissa didn't cheat and that she loves me.

As I neared the hotel, I started feeling stupid and guilty. I didn't trust her. I made her run away. It may be Jesse's fault for kissing her, but it was my fault for not trusting her.

Once I made it to the hotel doors, I basically ran to the lift. I impatiently waited for it to reach my floor and once it did, I was immediately pounding on Lou's door.

"What the he-- Oh Harry! Are you--"

"Lissa wasn't lying." I interrupted. "She didn't cheat!"

"Uhh.. Why don't you come in?" He followed me in to the suite and we sat on the sofa. "What makes you say that?"

I told him how I went for a walk and thought about Lissa. How I realized that she wouldn't cheat and then how I went to Starbucks and met Jesse.

"Oh." Was all Louis said for a minute. Then concern washed over his features. "Oh! We were horrible to her all all she did was tell the truth!"

I hung my head. "Yeah, I know."

"You need to call her and apologize! Tell her that you believe her!"

"But what if she's still mad that I didn't trust her and that I sang the song?" I asked, ashamed.

"You can't just give up. At least try. That's all you can do."

I nodded and pulled out my mobile. I hesitantly selected her number from my contact list and waited. It immediately went to voice mail.

"She declined my call." I sighed.

Louis snatched my phone out of my hand. "It takes about 7 hours to get to London. She's still in the plane." He handed my phone back.

I sighed in relief. That meant that she hadn't declined my call; her phone was off. Hopefully she would answer next time and she would forgive me.

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