"Oh yeah! He came to find me.."

Oh gosh.

"What did he say?" I asked cautiously.

"Nothing." He grinned. "Oh look! Simba and Nala are in love!"

I looked up at the TV. It was playing 'Can You Feel the Love Tonight' while the two lions acted as lovey as lions could.

I looked back up at Harry to tell him how cute that was, but my words got stuck in my throat. He was giving me this really intense stare and I felt trapped, like I couldn't look away.

It was quiet for a while and we just looked at each other.

"Lissa?" Harry broke the silence and was suddenly looking very nervous. We broke eye contact and he looked at the ground before his eyes flickered back to mine.

"Do you maybe want to like go on a date with me?" He rushed.

I just kind of stared at him for a second.

"Are you serious?" I asked, a bit shocked.

"Uh yes. Unless you don't want to, then no."

I smiled.

"Please say yes." He mumbled.

"Of course I want to go on a date with you!"

"Really?" He grinned. I nodded with a stupid smile on my face.

"Yes!" He pulled me to him and hugged me tight.

"Liam was telling the truth!" He exclaimed when he pulled back.

"He told you that I like you, didn't he?"

"Yeah. How'd you know?"

"Well, I told him earlier, and as soon as I said it, he made a mad dash for the door. I figured he was going to tell you." I explained.

Harry nodded. "He did. Well, you see, the boys knew I liked you and they were just so convinced that you liked me. They decided that as soon as you spill the beans to one of them, they would tell me. That way I could be sure you liked me before asking you out."

That explained the way Niall was acting when I was talking to him.

"That's actually pretty cute." I paused. "But why didn't you ever say anything when we almost kissed the other week?"

"Oh yeah." Harry mumbled. "I was worried you didn't like me."

"I almost kissed you!"

"Yeah. I don't know."

"We could have been having this conversation a week ago you know." I smirked.

"Yeah. But at least I asked you out eventually, right?"

"Right." I smiled.

"What's going on in here? Why are you guys smiling like crazies?" I turned to see Zayn walking in rubbing his eyes. His hair was messed up and his clothes were wrinkled.

"Have a nice nap?" I teased.

"I did." He sat down next to me and yawned.

"Nice hair." Harry smirked.

"Shut up." Zayn shot him a glare. "So, what's up with you two smiling weirdos?"

"Pshh. Weirdos? What are you talking about?" I scoffed.

"He asked you out and you said yes." Zayn guessed.

"Everyone knew about this except me!" I mumble.

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