"Hurry up, Harry!" I called from my place on the couch. I was waiting for Harry to watch a movie. He was making popcorn and it was taking him way too long.

I sighed and got up, trudging to the kitchen.

"What's taking so-- Oh! You're burning it!" Smoke was coming from the microwave and Harry was just standing there staring at it.

I ran to the microwave and yanked it open.

"Harry! You're supposed to heat it up for two minutes! Not twenty! And when you see smoke, you should probably do something about it!"

I grabbed some tongs and pulled the bag of burning popcorn out of the smoke. I went to the sink, turned the faucet on and held the bag under the water to cool it off before throwing it away.

"Uh sorry." Harry mumbled.

I smiled at him. "It's fine. You're lucky I'm not the most patient person in the world, or that could have caught on fire. But whatever. Lets just watch our movie. We don't need popcorn."

Harry suddenly grabbed my waist and hoisted me over his shoulder.

"Harry! What are you doing?" I cried, hitting his lower back.

"We are going to watch our movie." He shrugged, causing me to bounce.

"But I can walk."

"And I can carry you."

I sighed. "Just don't drop m--" The air woodshed out of my lungs as he grabbed my waist and pulled me down, dropping me. I landed with a thud on the couch.

"Oops. Too late." He smiled innocently at me while I rolled my eyes.

"Okay, what are we gonna watch?" I asked as I sat up properly on the couch. "Not a horror again."

"But you loved it last time." He smirked.

"I did not and I will never watch a scary movie again! If you turn a horror film on, I'm leaving."

"We're not watching a horror. You remember when I asked you out?"

"Um, yes?" I answered, not sure how this was relevant to the conversation.

"Well, you were watching The Lion King. So I thought that now we could watch The Lion King 2."

I grinned. "That's the most thoughtful thing ever! Both Lion Kings are my favorite movies."

"I thought it was The Vow?" He tilted his head in confusion which was probably the cutest thing I'd ever seen.

"Well, I like that movie a lot too, but it's not my favorite. When we were playing that game, I just said it cause it was the first movie that came into my head and I didn't want to say The Lion King. Tess always teases me about it."


"She thinks I'm too old for it." I rolled my eyes. One is never too old to watch a Disney movie.

"Liam's favorite movie is Toy Story and he's older than you."

"Yup. You're never too old to watch kid movies."

"You're cute." You grinned.

My cheeks heated up. "Th-thanks."

Harry smiled and went to start the DVD. He then went back to the closet and grabbed a blanket, sitting down next to me.

"I love your pajamas by the way." He smirked at my One direction tee-shirt.

"I've worn it before."

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