Chapter 28

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~Lissa's POV~

I woke up early that morning and quickly climbed out of Harry's bed before any of the other boys woke up. It's become routine for me. It's been three weeks and I've secretly slept with Harry every night. I looked down at Harry and sighed. I wish he could just magically wake up and be healed.

The doctor said that it shouldn't be long until he wakes up. He never anticipated Harry to be in a coma for as long as he has and it's worrying me. I try not to let the nagging thoughts eat away at me, but I keep thinking about times when people don't wake up from comas. What if I never get to see Harry's beautiful eyes again? Or see his beautiful smile or hear his melodic laugh?

I sighed and sat on the edge of the bed, holding his hand. I shouldn't be thinking like this. 

The hospital was nice enough to move a cot into Harry's room. Now the boys each took turns sleeping there while I slept with Harry. Of course the boys didn't know that though; I simply told them I preferred sleeping on the couch. They believed me.

Louis forces me to go home every day. He insists that I need showers and fresh clothes and proper food. I don't argue because I know he's right. However, I have never let him convince me to sleep at home. He knows my reasons and doesn't push me. 

The bandage finally came off Harry's head the other day. I gently ran my fingers through his curls. Luckily, the doctor said that during this three weeks of inactivity, Harry's body should have almost fully healed itself. He should be able to go him only a few days after he wakes up. I grinned at the thought.

Hopefully I wasn't too late. Hopefully he still wanted me back.

"Lissa?" I heard a yawn from the other side of the room. I turned to look at Louis who was sleeping in the cot that night.

"Morning." I sighed. "Sleep good?" 

"Fine. You?" He raised his eyebrows.

I looked back at Harry and smiled. "Good."

"I thought so. Harry's bed looks pretty comfortable."

I whipped my head around to look at him. "What?" I asked, shocked.

"I woke up in the middle of the night last night to use the toilet and saw you there." He smiled.

 I mentally slapped myself. How many of the boys had woken up at night and seen me? My cheeks flamed.

"What? It was cute." Louis grinned.

"But-but he's unconscious! Only creeps sleep with unconscious people!" I exclaimed.

Louis smirked. "Sleep with? Hmmmm. Interesting."

My face got even hotter. "No! I just slept there! He's unconscious!"

Louis shrugged. "I'm sure he would be fine with whatever. Just don't do anything when I'm around."

"He's unconscious." I hissed, cheeks hotter than ever. "Stop embarrassing me!"

"Right right." Louis laughed. "Sorry."

I glared at him and turned back to Harry. Thank goodness he couldn't hear right now.

"Come on, Lissa. Let's get you home so you can change and eat."

I nodded but refused to look at him. He just teased me for his own enjoyment.

I followed him out of the room and glanced back at Harry once more before closing the door.

~Harry's POV~

It felt I just woke up, but I was surrounded in darkness. I felt like I was trapped within myself, floating in blackness. I couldn't feel any part of my self; I couldn't feel my arms or legs, I couldn't even feel myself breathing.

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