Chapter 25

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Don't hate me for this..

~Lissa's POV~

I woke up the next morning like I did every morning: ashamed. I shouldn't be acting the way I did over a boy. I should forget him.

I roll my eyes as I get ready for the day. I think the same thing every morning and nothing ever changes.

After breakfast, I make my way to Starbucks. It's not far, so I walk. Once I make it there, Rachel greets me with a sad smile. Same thing every day.

"Hey. You doing any better?" 

I shrugged. "I'd like to say yes, but I can't."

"I'm sorry."

"It's fine. Maybe some cute guy will come in today." I joke.

We get to work right away as the morning rush begins. My mind is effectively kept off Harry until two teen girls come in. The order and as they wait, I hear them taking.

"One Direction flew back yesterday. Apparently Harry looked super distressed."

I tuned them out as soon as I heard mention of Harry. Once I finished preparing their drinks, I set them on the counter for them and they pay.

"Hey, you're Harry's ex!" One of the two girls exclaimed. 

"I get that a lot. But no, I'm not." I played it off like I did every time someone connected me and Harry.

"Whuuuut? You look exactly like his ex-girlfriend!"

"I'm not. I've never met him. I'm not even a fan of the band."

"Oh." The girl mumbled dejectedly. They took their drinks and left.

Rachel came over to me. "Again?"

"Yeah." I sighed.

The day went on fine after that. No more reminders of Harry, no more unnecessary pain. Rachel and my shifts were over and I dreaded going home.

"Hey Lissa? You wanna come over to my place? Spend the night?" Rachel asked as we headed out the door.

I grinned. That was just what I needed to keep my mind off Harry. Maybe I could finally have a peaceful night.

"Yes! I  would love to!"

Rachel smiled, understanding the reason for my enthusiasm and led me to her flat. It was only a block away from mine. Hopefully tonight I could have some fun and forget about Harry. One night away from the pain is all I asked for.

When we made it to Rachel's flat, she pulled out her keys and unlocked the door. She led me in and I immediately heard the TV running. I didn't know she lived with anyone.

"Hey guys!" Rachel called. "I have a friend over."

I heard what seemed to be two people getting up. They came into view and I saw it was two guys. One hugged Rachel and then kissed her, while the other grinned at me. I sucked in a breath; he had dark brown hair and pretty blues and dimples. 

"Lissa, this is my brother Jake," She said, motioning to the boy in front of me. "And this is my boyfriend Logan."

I smiled and greeted both of them.

"We've heard about you." Jake smiled sweetly.

I glanced at Rachel, who was in Logan's arms. "Nothing bad, right?" If she told them about my, err, problems with Harry, she was going to get it.

"Only good things." Jake promised.

I smiled and noticed Rachel nodding at me.

"So, you spending the night?" Logan asked.

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