Chapter 4

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I looked down at my iPhone in annoyance. They wouldn't stop calling me. I stupidly gave the boys my number before I left yesterday and they've been taking turns calling me ever since. This time it was Harry calling. I sighed and answered.

"Yes Harry?"

"We miss you!" He whined.

I rolled my eyes. "I know Harry, I've been called and told the same thing a million times in just the last two hours. I'm working."

"Oh sorry. I guess you just don't wanna talk to me." He mumbled.

"Haz! That's not true!" 

"Haz?" He mused. I blushed bright red and was very glad the he couldn't see me.

"Oh. Uh, it's just that, uh --" I stuttered.

"It's fine." He laughed at my discomfort. "I like it."

"Harry." I whined. "Don't laugh at me."

"Sorry. You're just so cute!" Cue the bright red cheeks again.

I sighed when I heard Tess call me from down the hall. "I've really got to go. I'm turning my phone off, so tell the boys that it will do no good calling me. I'll come by during my break."

"Okay! Bye Lissa!" 

 I smiled as I ended the call and turned my phone off, something I should have done two hours ago. I slipped it into my pocket and went to catch up with Tess.

"That was them again, wasn't it?" She laughed.

I sighed and nodded. "They won't leave me alone, I swear."

"They really like you." She gave me a genuine smile. She wasn't upset at all that none of the boys called her. She was an amazing friend.

"They like you too!"

"It's okay, Lissa. They like you more and I'm totally fine with that."

"I think it's because you were so quiet yesterday." I explained. "Once we hang out with them more and they got to know you, they'll love you!"

She smiled. "Yeah I guess. That's your fault by the way. You didn't prepare me at all! The door opened and BAM! there stood Harry Styles. I wanted to kill you."

"Aha! But you love me!" 

"I do. I was wondering though. How were you so calm and normal around them?" She asked.

I wondered that too. I had no idea how I refrained from fangirling. I shrugged.

"I honestly don't know. I just felt so comfortable around them, like I've known them my whole life." It was weird.

She nodded and we continued going door to door doing the morning room service. It was only ten. Yes, the boys have been calling me since eight.

We went to each room and made the beds, leaving little mints on the pillows, just like in the movies. We weren't assigned to the boys' room today; another girl our age was. That was going to be interesting; I heard that she's a big Harry Styles fan.

An hour later, Tess knocked on the last door on our list. Two teen girls our age opened the door.

"Hi!" One of the  pretty brunettes smiled and welcomed us in. Tess and I made our way to the bedroom and began cleaning up.

"Ohmygosh!!" I heard one of the girls squeal from the other room. "One Direction is staying in a hotel around here!!"

"How do you know?" The second girl wondered. 

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