Chapter 2

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"Hey Tess!" I called as I opened the door to the apartment. I made my way to my room, stopping by Tess's and poking my head in. She was sitting on her bed reading a One Direction magazine. Ha!

"Oh hey Liss." She looked up and smiled.

"After I change I gotta tell you somethinggg!" I sang before skipping off to my room. I shrugged out of my hotel uniform, which was black dress pants and a white blouse, before throwing on some jeans and a sweatshirt. I walked back to Tess’s room with a huge grin on my face.

"Why are you so happy?" She asked, putting the magazine down as I sat next to her on the bed.

"Guess who I met?"

"I don't know... Willy Wonka?" She laughed.

"Ha ha, no." I picked up the magazine and pointed at the five boys on the cover. "Them!"

She gave me a look that implied that I was crazy. "Ha. Yeah right. Good try Lissa, but you are so not tricking me!"

 I knew she wouldn't believe me. I mean, really, why should she? It's not every day that your best friends walks in and tells you they've met your idols.

 "Come on. I'll prove it." I took her hand and dragged her out the door. I was in no way taking her to see the boys. I was just there earlier and I didn’t want to seem desperate. I had other ways to prove it.

 I led her out of the apartment and down the hall to the elevator. When we made it down stairs, I immediately began looking for my sister.

 "When you see Brittany, tell me." I ordered as we walked into the lobby.

 "There she is." Tess said, pointing to my sister who just came out of the staff restroom.

 "Britt!" I called.

 "What's up?" She asked when we reached her.

 "Can I see the list of people that checked in today?" I asked.

 She gave me a questioning look but led me behind the main desk anyway. She sat down at her computer and pulled up the log book.

 "There you go. Close it when you’re done. I have to go talk to the night shift security." She said before getting up and leaving. I replaced her in the chair and scrolled through the list. I could feel Tess watching over my shoulder.

 "Ha! I found it!" I shouted, earning a few looks from some people who were loitering about. I clicked on the link that said "One Direction." A file opened that contained all their information: the time they checked in, the room they were staying in, the staff assigned to them (one of which was me!), and so on. I pointed to the screen.

 "Now do you believe me?" I turned and looked at Lexie. Her eyes were wide as she stared at the screen.

 "No way." She whispered. "No way."

 "Yes way! I need to tell you all about it!" I didn’t give her time to react before I pulled her through the hotel again. Once we were in our apartment, I pulled her to the couch and sat down.

 "You met One Direction." She was still in shock.

 "I did! Oh my gosh I did!" I gushed. She turned to me and face broke out in a huge grin.

 "AH!" She screamed. "You met One Direction!"

 I laughed. "Indeed I did."

 "Tell me everything. Every. Last. Detail." She ordered once she'd calmed down.

 "Okay, so, I was about to come back up for my break when Brittany called me back and asked me to do her a huge favor."

 I continued telling her everything that happened with the boys. She just sat and listened with wide eyes. And then I got to the part about me lying.

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