~Lissa's POV~

I suddenly felt his fingers move and I gasped. It wasn't much, but it was enough to know I hadn't hallucinated.

"Harry!" I exclaimed, getting up and running to the call button, hitting it frantically.

Does this mean he's waking up?

"Harry! Can you hear me?" I wondered excitedly as I grabbed his hand again. "Wiggle your fingers if you can."

I gasped in shock and almost forgot to breath when I felt his fingers move.

The doctor came rushing in then. "What happened?"

"He- he moved his fingers!" I exclaimed.

"He did? That's great news! He can probably hear you speaking and it willing himself to wake up. It shouldn't be long now."

I was so happy my eyes began to water. "He's going to wake up! He'll be okay!"

The doctor laughed. "Yes, he will. I'm very happy for you."

He checked Harry's vitals and such before leaving again, giving me firm instruction to press the call button again as soon as his eyes open. Once he was out of the room I rushed to my mobile and called Louis as I sat down next to Harry, gripping his hand tightly.

"Louis! Louis Louis Louis Louis!" I exclaimed as soon as he picked up his phone.


"It's Harry!! He's waking up! Come quick! Hurry!"

Louis chuckled. "Your excitement is cute."

"Shut up. Just come quick!"

"Okay okay. We're coming."

I hung up and grinned at Harry. "You're waking up! You're waking up you're waking up!" I stopped suddenly, coming to a realization.

"Oh. You can probably hear me now. Whoops, that's embarrassing. Especially given that we're broken up..." I mumbled awkwardly. I felt Harry squeeze my hand and looked down at him.

"You know... it's actually creepy when you do that. You look dead, but you're holding my hand. It's weird."

I swear I saw Harry's lips twitch like he wanted to smile.

"You can wake up any time you know. You don't have to wait until the boys get here. Honestly, I'd rather have some time alone with you before they get here..."

Harry really squeezed my hand this time. He had my hand in a firm grip and didn't let go.

"Yes! You're getting there!" I grinned. "It must be so strange to be in a coma when you can hear everything.."

My phone vibrated and I grabbed it. It was Louis.


"We've gotten stuck in a bit of traffic. He's not awake yet, is he?"


"Okay, we'll be there as soon as we can."

"Okay! Bye!"

I turned back to Harry and gasped, dropping my phone on the hard tiles.

"You-you..." I stuttered.

There I was, staring into Harry's brilliant green eyes. I smile spread across his face as I stood gaping at him.

"Lis.." He tried, but his throat was all scratchy. I quickly went to the little water dispenser in the corner of the room and got a cup of water for Harry and handed it to him.

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