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"I'm not sure."

"How aren't you sure?"

"He hasn't said anything."

"It's been a week!"

I sighed. She was right. It's been a week since Harry asked me out and he hasn't said anything about it. Nothing. I'm starting to think he regrets asking me out.

"Lissa." Eleanor sighed.

I was in my room with Eleanor, Danielle, and Tess. El and Dani had come over last week and just as Liam had said, we all clicked immediately.

Eleanor was extremely confused as to why Harry and I hadn't gone on our date yet. I was too.

"El. She doesn't know why he hasn't said anything. She's just as confused as you are." Danielle sighed.

The girls were all so excited about Harry and my date. But it's been a week, a whole seven days, and nothing's been mentioned.

"I want to help you pick out your outfit and help you get ready! The two of you would be so happy together!" Eleanor whined.

"I am happy, El." I smiled.

"Ya know what! I'm going to go see what's taking Harry so long with this. He should not be making you wait like this." Danielle exclaimed and got up from her place on the bed.

"No!" Tess reached out and grabbed Dani's hand before she could even move two feet. "He has to do it himself. It'll mean more that way."

I got a pit in my stomach at her words. I got her an Niall together. Had she wanted to wait for him to ask her out himself? Oh gosh.

"Oh Tess, I'm so--"

"No, it's fine!" She interrupted."Everything's good, you don't need to worry." Tess smiled.

"I ruined it. It wasn't special for you because of me!"

"Lissa, Niall and Harry are two very different people. If you hadn't said anything, Niall and I would probably not be together right now. Niall's a lot shyer than Harry when it comes to relationships. Niall needed a push, Harry doesn't." She explained.

"Okay." I sighed. "Still, sorry anyway."

Tess just smiled and rolled her eyes.

"Alright, back to the matter at hand. We--" Eleanor started but stopped abruptly when someone knocked on the door.

"Come in!" Danielle called. We were all gathered in Liam's room at the monent.

The door opened to reveal Harry. The girls all gave me a look but I ignored them. Harry smiled sheepishly and just looked at me.

"I guess that's me leaving." I said to the girls as I got up from the floor. The girls all grinned at me as I followed Harry out of the room. I shut the door behind myself and looked up at Harry. He smiled at me and took my hand, leading me to his room.

"Hi." He grinned as we sat down on his bed.

"Hello Harry." I laughed.

"I was wondering if you still wanted to go on our date." He asked.

"Of course I do. Why wouldn't I?"

"It's been a week since I asked you. That's kind of a long time."

I told him that it was fine and he smiled. Then he proceeded to ask me if tonight was okay. He seemed nervous asking me on such short notice, but honestly, I liked it better that way. No more waiting.

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