Chapter 30

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This is the last chapter. ): Thank you all sooo so much for your support through this! You are all amazing and I love you! There will be a short epilogue posted later and an author's note and then the story will finally have a green check mark. I hope you enjoyed the story! Thanks for everything! (:

~Lissa's POV~

Harry had to stay at the hospital for three days after he woke up. The doctor needed to make sure everything was healed and that he was healthy enough to go home. The evaluations took longer than expected, but the three days finally passed. 

I woke up that morning with a smile on my face. Like the last three weeks, I'd slept with Harry, only this time, he was aware. I pecked Harry's nose excitedly and laughed as he scrunched up his nose.

"Hmmm. It's morning already?" He asked groggily as he opened his eyes.

"Yup! And today you get to go home!"

Harry grinned but quickly covered his mouth while he yawned.

"How are you tired?" I asked. "You slept for three weeks."

"I don't know.." He shrugged.

I smiled before climbing out of bed and grabbing my mobile to call Louis. None of the boys had stayed at the hospital over night now that Harry was awake.

"Lissa? It's so early!" Louis whined into the phone.

"Oh grow up! Harry and I are awake now, so you can come get us."

"Alright alright. I'll be there soon."

I hung up and went to press the call button. Harry watched me with a grin.

"What?" I asked, self conscious.

"You're cute." He smiled, and I, of course, blushed.

Before he could say any more, the doctor came in.

"Ah Harry. You ready to go home?"

"Oh yes. I don't think I can stand another day here."

The doctor laughed before checking some last minute things and jotting down some notes.

"Okay, you seem fit to go! Do you have someone picking you up?"

"Yeah." I answered. "Our friend is coming by."

"Good good. Just check out at the desk when you leave all you'll be all set!"

"Thank you!" Harry and I chimed. The doctor smiled before leaving.

I went and began collecting our stuff. I had gone home and gotten myself a bag with my things in it a couple weeks ago. Louis had gotten Harry some clothes and toiletries as soon as he had woken up so he could finally shower and brush his teeth. Once I had our bags all collected, I went and sat with Harry again.

He got out of the bed and wrapped his arms around me. I buried my face in his chest.

"I'm so glad I get to go home."

"Me too." I sighed.

Harry led me to the couch on the other side of the room and we sat down.

"The flat you got is to the east side of  your sister's hotel, right?" Harry asked.

"Yeah. Why?"

"Lou and my flat is to the west. Where in relation to the hotel is it?"

"Like a block." I replied.

"Oh, my flat is like 15 minutes away from yours, then."

I wasn't sure what he was getting at. "Yeah? That's not long, then."

"Yes it is. It's very long. And what about nights?"

"Harry, I don't know. What about them? Just say what you want already!"

"Well... I was wondering, and I talked it over with Lou.. I was wondering if you wanted to live with us?" 

"I.. Really?" I asked, surprised.


"Of course!" I smiled, wrapping my arms around him.

"I knew you'd say yes. You can't resist me." He grinned cheekily. 

"Whatever. You should be glad I'm taking you back." I joked.

Harry grew serious. "Yeah, your right. I'm sorry."

"Harry! I wasn't serious!"

"And I'm still sorry."

I leaned into his side. "I love you Harry."

"I love you--"

"YOU LOVE ME! I KNEW IT!" Louis suddenly came bursting through the door and I jumped in shock..

"You love me and now I'm taking you home!" Louis exclaimed.

"Are you on something?" I asked, completely serious.

Louis rolled his eyes. "Oh yes. I smoke weed. Yes and I take drugs."

"Smart butt." I mumbled.

"It's so cute how you don't cuss! Isn't it Haz?" Louis grinned.

"Oh course it is. She's always cute." Harry smiled.

"And you're always full of crap." I muttered.

Harry shook his head and put his arm around me. "Let's go home!" He suddenly turned to Louis. "Oh! Louis! Lissa said she'd live with us! Aren't you excited! It'll be like a sleepover forever!" Harry shrilly exclaimed like a hyper little girl. 

Louis chuckled. "Such a manly boyfriend you have there."

I grinned. 

"Oh yeah?! Such a.... such a... never mind!"

Louis and I laughed at Harry's failed attempt. 

"Let's just go home."


"THAT'S THE LAST BOX!" I yelled. 

"I'm right here." Harry flinched.

"Yeah me too." Louis said, glaring.

I grinned. "But we're done!"

After we got to Lou and Harry's flat, the boys all greeted him and then Harry insisted we get me moved in right away. We picked up all my stuff from the flat and began moving it all into Harry's flat.

"Remind me why I agreed to this? Now there's a girl here." Louis teased.

"Shut up. You know you love me!" 

"Stop arguing. I almost died." Harry muttered. That had been his excuse for everything these last few hours.

"Let's watch a movie or something. There's nothing to do." I decided.

We all sat down on the couch and Louis put in a movie. i snuggled up against Harry and smiled. I missed this so much.

Not having Harry in my life for that short period of time really sucked. I missed him and it hurt badly. I stopped being outgoing and unnecessarily friendly. Harry makes me feel better and also makes me feel like a better person. Harry is my everything and after almost losing him, my love for him increased. 

In that moment, sitting on the couch with my best friend and boyfriend, I made a promise to myslef: I would never let Harry go again.

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