Chapter 1

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I groaned when my sister called me back again. It was finally my break time! What did she need now? I trudged back to the desk and sighed, waiting for her to explain what she needed me for. She smiled sweetly, knowing how I always looked forward to my break.

"Can you do me a huge favor?" She pleaded.

"When do I not do you huge favors?" I wondered. She smiled at me before explaining exactly what this huge favor was.

Apparently a group of guys just checked into the Presidential suite and I was to go welcome them. Oh the joy! Now read that last sentence again but with sarcasm.

I got the welcoming basket that contained chocolates and fancy little soaps and made my way to the elevator. I didn't mind working at the hotel, it wasn't so bad. Except for when my sister interrupted my breaks.

When the elevator stopped, I walked out into the hallway until I made it to the door with the big star on it. I smoothed out my hair, pulled down my shirt, and knocked.

I heard very familiar voices coming from the other side of the door. It couldn't be... No, it definitely wasn't.

"Go open the door."

"No, you."


"I don't want to. You do it!"

"No, you!"



I rolled my eyes as the two boys argued. I decided that it could in no way be them.

"It doesn't matter who opens the door! Just open it!" I shouted. The voices went silent.

"Hey guys." A new voice joined. "What going on?"

"Someone's at the door and neither of us wanna open it." The first voice replied.

"Lazy." The new voice muttered before the door swung open. "Oh. Hi."

I froze. Oh gosh. Oh my gosh. Don't scream. Don't do it.

"Hi! I'm here to give you all your welcoming basket! Welcome to the Blue Moon Hotel!" I said in my professional on-the-job voice.

"Oh! Thanks!" He stuck out his hand and I shook it, trying not to go into fangirl mode. He took the basket from me as two other boys peeked around a corner in the room. One had brown hair and was wearing stripes and the other was a blonde.

Do not scream. Don't do it.

"Hi." I waved at the two boys as they ducked out of sight.

"Did she recognize us?" I heard them whisper.

"I don't think so. She's not screaming."

"What's going on? Why are you hiding?" Yet another new voice joined.

"Yeah, what's going on?" And now all five were accounted for.

I turned my attention back to the brown haired boy in front of me who was also listening to the whispering.

For some reason beyond me, I decided to pretend I didn't know them. "Why would I scream?" I asked.

He looked at me funny. "You don't know who we are, do you?"

Of course I do! I love you!

I shook my head. "Should I?" I have to say that I'm a pretty good actress.

He just smiled. "Boys, come out here!"

"Is it safe?" One of them asked, still out of sight. The boy in front of me rolled his eyes.

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