Chapter 26

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~Lissa's POV~

"What?!" I exclaimed as I threw my comforter off me and jumped out of bed. 

"He was all mopey and depressed when he told us he was going out. He took a cab to go to a park to clear his head and then the cab was hit by a drunk driver."

I had managed to pull on some sweat pants and a hoodie while Louis told me what had happened. I rushed to the front door and pulled my shoes on before opening the door and rushing out.

"Is he okay?!"

"We don't know. We aren't allowed to see him and the doctors say he's in critical condition."

I was rushing down the stairs, too anxious to wait for the lift. "When did this happen?"

"Like ten minutes ago."

My eyes widened as my made my way to my car. Ten minutes ago I had fallen asleep to the sound of sirens. I swallowed nervously.

"I... Louis. I love him."

"I know. He loves you too."

A sob built in my throat and I climbed into my car. "I'm driving now. I'll see you in a minute."

I hung up and hurriedly started the car. I sped out of the parking lot not caring about getting a speeding ticket. 

Harry was in an accident and in critical condition. He could die! The realization hit me full force and I became to sob, tears making the street blurry. I hastily wiped my eyes. I couldn't crash now too. 

Luckliy the hospital wasn't far and as soon as I parked, I ran to the building.

"Harry Styles, please. Where is he?" I pleaded as soon as the receptionist was within earshot.

She looked a bit startled, but looked at her computer quickly. "Floor Two, Room 28."

I thanked her before almost running to the lift. I hit the button and waited anxiously until the doors opened. I immediately hit the number 2 and the lift started going up. When we reached the second floor, the lift opened to the waiting room where I immediately saw the boys pacing around. The were a few other people sitting in chairs in the corner.

The boys all looked like they had been crying. I had started crying again in the lift, so with blurred vision, I rushed over to the boys and launched myself at Louis, knocking him back a bit. His arms wrapped around me as I cried into his chest.

"He- he can't die!" I sobbed.

"He won't." Louis promised. I pulled back and looked at him. His eyes were red and his hair was a mess. 

"How long have you been here?"

"Like ten minutes. We still haven't heard anything other than that he's in critical condition."

I collapsed in one of the chairs and looked up at the boys, who had all gathered around.

"Hi." I mumbled brokenly.

They all gave me sad smiles. 

"We're glad you're back, even if it's for a terrible reason." Liam said, sitting down next to me.

"We know you didn't cheat. We're sorry we were so terrible to you." Zayn apologized.

"Yeah, you probably felt awful. I'm sorry." Louis muttered, sitting on my other side. Zayn and Niall sat down on the floor in front of us.

Something horrible suddenly occured to me. I gasped.

"He - he's in there because of me!" I cried.

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