"This is amazing!" I muttered as we drove through NYC to our hotel.

When we first arrived at the airport, Harry told me that we were in L.A. only to be quickly corrected by Liam. We were on the opposite side of the country then Harry thought. I was excited though. I've heard that New York is awesome.

We made it to the hotel we were staying at fairly quickly. There was a large mass of fans waiting for the boys. We piled out of the van and made out way through the crowd.


"Ahhhh! I love you Zayn!"

"Lissa! Can I have a picture?"

I stopped short and looked at the girl who called my name. She wanted a picture with me? I smiled and went over to her.

"Hi!" I grinned.

"Oh my gosh! You're even prettier in person! Can I have a picture?"

I grinned and nodded, moving next to her so she could take the picture.

"Thank you!" She grinned.

"Lissa! Come on!" Paul called from the hotel entrance.

"I gotta go. Bye!" I smiled at the girl one more time before hurrying to catch up with the boys.

We all went up to our separate hotel rooms to unpack. Tess and I were the only two sharing a room.

After unpacking and getting settled in, we went and met the boys in the lobby.

"Let's explore!" Niall grinned. "And find food."

We all laughed before following him back outside, but through the back entrance. Lucky there were no fans here.

"What do you want to do?" Harry asked me, coming and grabbing my hand.

"I've never been here so I don't know what there is."

"We can got to the Statue of Liberty." He suggested.

I nodded enthusiastically. "And then can we go shopping?"

"Sure." He chuckled. We caught up to the rest of the group who were much faster than us. "Guys, we're gonna go to the Statue of Liberty."

"Already? We've been here for only and hour." Liam muttered.

"Lissa and I want to go. So we are. You guys can join us if you want."

"Oh! I do!" Tess exclaimed.

"Then so will I." Niall agreed.

Liam, Louis, and Zayn then agreed to go too. We all made our way to the street where the van was waiting.

"To the Statue of Liberty!" Niall shouted as soon as we were all seated. Paul chuckled before driving off.

It took us about 30 minutes of banter until we made it to the dock where we had to ride a boat to the island. Luckily none of us got sea sick. That would have been terrible.

I gaped up at the statue as soon as we got off the boat.

"This is so cool!"

"I know! We can say we've been to the Statue of Liberty now!" Tess grinned as she came to stand beside me.

We all walked around the island. It was so pretty. Too soon, Niall got hungry and we had to leave the island to go find food.

"No Nandos." Niall muttered sadly as we walked along the streets of New York.

"Let's just go there." Louis suggested as he pointed to a McDonald's. "They have a playplace!"

"Really!?" Niall exclaimed. "Let's go!!"

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