"I hate you Niall." I groaned.

"What did I do?"

"You brought me here and made me eat that delicious food and now I'm so full I'm gonna burst." I moaned.

"Actually, Harry--" He flinched when someone kicked him under the table. I glanced at Harry and he was giving Niall a shut up glare. "--and Liam and Louis and Zayn!" He squeaked. I raised an eyebrow. "Uh, we all wanted you to come." He gave me an unsure smile.

I laughed. "Uh huh. Sure, whatever floats your boat Nialler."

The waitress, who I've come to hate, came back for the first time since I asked Harry about her. I glanced at Harry and he was looking between her and me. She was giving me weird looks again.

"Is there a problem?" Harry asked, adressing her directly for the first time. The table went silent and looked between the three of us.

"What? Oh, no." She smiled sweetly.

"Then stop looking at my girlfriend like you want to kill her." He growled and then froze for a second realizing what he said. He gained his composer again quickly though and signed the bill so she could leave.

I was shocked and frozen stiff. The boys and Tess were looking between me and Harry with equaly shocked expressions. Did he just call me his girlfirend or did we all misunderstand him?

"Uh, sorry about that. I was, uh, just trying to get her to leave." Harry apologized and we all relaxed. I couldn't help but feel disappointed though.

"Oh, it's okay. I was getting the feeling that she was gonna pull out a knife and slit my throught at any second." Harry shudered.

"Don't talk like that." Harry muttered and I gave him a look.

"Okay then! Why don't we head back now?" Liam suggested, probably seeing the look on everyones' faces.

"Right. Yeah, good idea." I mumbled, sliding out of the booth after Harry. I stayed by Tess's side as we walked to the van. Paul and his ninja friends were already there.

"Are you okay?" Tess whipshered to me.

I nodded. "Just sorta shocked. Imagine if Niall said that to you." She elbowed me in the side in a motion for me to shut up. Niall was right beside her and apparently he heard.

"If I said what?" He wondered.

"Oh nothing." I smiled innocently and he shrugged and left it at that.

We all piled in the car with me in the middle row with Tess and Niall this time.

"Why are you sitting back there? You can't leave me all alone with Harry!" Louis whined.

"But Boobear! I love you!" Harry cried dramatically.

"Oh, I love you too." And then they did that whole attacking-each-other-looking-like-they're-kissing thing. I glanced at Tess and she was smiling. We just witnessed live Larry action!

"So guys, what do you wanna do when we get back?" Zayn asked. Louis left go of Harry and scremed.


"Yeah!" Niall shouted.

"Guys!" Paul yelled from the front. "Stop being so loud or I'm gonna wreck!"

"Okay!" Louis whispered. "So we're gonna have a sleepover."

"Please!" Zayn begged Tess and I. We looked at each other and shrugged.

"I guess. I know that if we say no, you will just end up killing my phone." I smirked at the boys' guilty expressions.

"Oh right. Sorry about that..." Niall muttered.

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