chapter twelve

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michael's pov:

I nervously pace back and forth in my room, in exactly less than four days, we'd be starting the kickoff to our tour.

I'm nervous, we don't even have the track list yet, let alone enough time to practice.

I bite my nails, chipping the ends of them. I called Ashton an Luke to come here, important band meeting, but they haven't shown yet.

Calum paces next to me.

"Haven't you noticed that everyday, Ashton leaves around four pm and comes back at six?" Calum asks, once Luke steps into the room.

"Yeah." Luke snaps at him, laying on Cal's bed so that his face is at the pillow.

"Calum what hair gel do you use?" Luke asks him and I laugh.

"I don't." Cal replies.

"Why does he leave?" I ask, glancing at my watch, reading 5:55 pm. Which meant Ashton would be back in 5 minutes if he's in schedule.

Which of course, he is.

"Where were you?" I cross my arms an tap my foot.

"I just got the list.. Relax." Ashton's voice is slow paced and choppy.

"It took two hours?" Luke asks him, sitting up and hugging his knees.

"Y- yeah." Ashton stutters, trying to find words.

Ashton comes closer to me, and I see the corners of his eyes are red, and his pupils are dilated.

"Dude, are you stoned?" I ask him, and everyone's glances are on him.

Ashton shakes his head.

"The girls are coming here." Cal tells us and we all groan.

"We're writing a song with them, or for them, they cant write to save their lives, lets make it shit." I say to them and everyone nods.

Ashton collapses onto the floor, smiling while hugging his brother's stuffed giraffe.

Rose, Tessa, Laura and Cara walk in the door a few minutes after, and we tried our best to clean up. We tried, okay?

Cara's hair is curled in ringlets, Tessa's is cut short, Rose's is in a ponytail and Laura's is straight. They're all really pretty, I have to be honest.

"Lets write this thing." Ashton says to them, and they smile.

"Luke, can I talk to you?" Cara asks and he gets a few ooohhs from us.

I nod my head in approval, and they go into my bedroom.

"So, I'll write it." Calum snaps at them.

"Why you?" Tessa asks, snatching the notebook from him.

"Cause I'm Calum Thomas Hood, I'm a god." Calum exclaims, throwing his hand in the air and Rose laughs.

"I'm a little donkey, nobody loves me, nobody knows who I am." Laura reads out loud and Calum bursts into laughter.

"We need a song by tomorrow Cal." Tessa says seriously, and Calum holds his stomach from laughing so hard. Tessa gives me a kind smile and I purse my lips. I didn't mind having them
here, but Calum seemed to.

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