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But when you're in a band, suddenly, everything is released from you. Your anxiety removes itself from you, and replaces it with excitement.

You can travel the world with your three best f- brothers. The ones who are there for you through all the crap that's thrown at you, and they're all still themselves.

That's what I feel everyday, thanks to the limelight, our amazing fans, and the three careless idiots that I call my brothers.

But I'll tell you, having a sister sucks. A lot. But you know what sucks more? Falling in love. Especially when it's with her best friend.

And that best friend happens to be in a rival band; Girls Like Guys.

Original name, much.

But what also sucks, is when she's dating the drummer.

I play guitar, but I guess she's into drummers.

I guess I'll have to see if she's aware of my existence now that I'm famous or not, even though we're not supposed to associating with them.

They're not just a bubblegum pop band, they're a freaking punk rock band and she has pink hair for freak sakes! What are we supposed to do now?

Warning: This may contain coarse language, smut, twisted romance, drug references and Ashton's cheekiness.

So if you can't handle it, either skip past or don't read it.

Thanks, Ily, and enjoy❤️

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