chapter twenty three

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tessa's pov:

Ashton sits next to me on the leather couch in his basement, and our thighs touch. The electrifying heat pierces my body and sends shock waves up and down my spine.

What was this feeling.

Ashton's cheeky smile gets caught in my vision and a spark ignites in his stone cold eyes.

I had so much running through my mind right now; the band, the weather; him.



What was I doing with my life?

"What are you thinking of?" Ashton asks me and I close my eyes.

I don't answer him and his eyes turn into a hint of a worried expression.

"Want to play a game?" I ask him
and he nods happily.

"Whats your favourite colour?" I ask him.


"Favourite movie?"

"The Breakfast Club."

"Favourite song?"

"Highway To Hell, obviously." His sassy attitude makes me laugh a little.

It continues a long while like this back and forth, it was nice knowing more about Ashton; maybe he's not an asshole afterall.

"I have a serious question." I say to him and he nods.


"You know that day when we were sitting in the tree?" I ask him, biting at my painted nails.

I fall quickly, landing on a soft surface, hearing a loud crash. I open my eyes nervously, and I see myself ontop of Ashton, laying on the ground with his arms around me.

I smile.

I can't believe he saved me.

I see a little mark of blood just above his eyebrow, and he winces when I run my shaky fingers over it.

"I told you I'd catch you." Ashton smiles at me and I feel as if the world is actually rotating.

"Yeah, sort of, what about it?" Ashton asks me, and the words hurt.

Sort of.


"Yeah?" I look up at him, and his face looks unusually worrisome.

"Are you in love?" He asks me, and I stop in my tracks.

"And you asked me if I was in love.." I start, biting down on my lip.

"Oh yeah, yeah. I remember, why?" Ashton tells me, inching closer.

"And I said no." I say to him and he nods his head.

"Is it a bad thing that its changing?" I ask him and his look becomes unreadable.

"Is it a bad thing that I knew it all along?"


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