chapter nineteen

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luke's pov:

I see her, and she is so beautiful. Her brown hair flows into a blonde ombre, in long, flowing ringlets. Her green eyes pierce mine, and I can't think of any happier situation, all I can see is her.

"What are you thinking of?" She asks me, her voice duller than usual. Her eyes look more tired, and her wrinkles show a bit more when she smiles. The crinkle above her nose has faded a bit, but I still love all of her.

"You." I tell her and she smiles, the crinkle not as visible as it was about seven months ago. I gaze down at her shoes, her black converse shoes. That's another thing I love about her, she's herself.

She smiles.

"Me too." She says to me, and I can't believe she's here with me right now.

"What's wrong?" She asks me, and I gulp hesitantly. My expression turns from happy to suddenly anxious.

"Why would such an amazing girl like you, fall in love with such a miserable guy like me?" I ask her, and her expression becomes unreadable.

"Why not?" She says to me, and I kiss her lightly, never wanting her to leave me.

I jolt up in my bed, and I swear I could sweat enough to fill three buckets.

I run up to my closet and pull the wet shirt over my head, and replace it with a dry one. All I can see is her hair in the back of my mind, and the words she said to me.

But it wasn't real.

I bang into a desk beside my bed and wince in pain. It's pitch black, give me a break.

A light turns on, and Michael sleepily sits up in his bed, giving me an ice cold glare.

"What's going on Luke, it's 3 am!" He yells out and I silence him.

"It's nothing, don't worry." I tell him, opening the door and shutting it tightly behind me.

But it wasn't nothing, it was totally something, something different, something mean. I stop and face the white door thats marked
'Girls Like Guys, Do Not Enter.'

I kind of hated it, not being able to see Cara, when she's right across the hall from me. I'd knock on her door, but they're all probably asleep anyway, and no human is up at this disgusting hour anyway.

Except me.

I clench my fist and take a deep breath before storming down the hall, and down three flights of stairs.

After three flights of stairs and four levels on an elevator that was barely working, I reach the lobby. The bellhop is snoring loudly, so I know he wont wake up anytime soon.

I start for the door, when a guy with his hooded green sweatshirt and jean jacket bumps right into me.

"Um, excuse me sir, I am here you know. You just bumped into me." I say to him as quietly as I can, and he stops walking.

He turns around to face me, but he most certainly is not a he. He is a she.

And she has brown hair, flowing into a blonde ombre. Her hair is about shoulder length, and she has pale green eyes. She wears penguin earrings in her ears and a smirk on her face.

Is this another dream? I shake my head and pinch my arm. Nope, she's still standing there. Goddamn it, Luke, say something to her.

"Carrie?" I ask her, startled by my own mind.

"How do you know my name?" She asks me. Yep, she has the same high pitched voice. But why would she be here? Is this a coincidence? I need to get her to smile.

"Do you know Cara?" I ask her.

"Cara Harrington? Superstar of the band Girls Like Guys?" She asks me, and the S' are emphasized. Just like the way she used to talk.

"Yeah. Anyway, I'm friends with her, close friends actually." I tell her. Shit.

"Cool." There it is. The smile I fell in love with so many months ago. Her teeth perfectly touch one another, and her lips are a pale red colour, washed up a bit and her mascara is more noticeable. The crinkle at the base of her nose shows. Carrie is here. The girl I fell in love with.

"Do you know who I am?" I ask her, had I really changed that much?

"I'm afraid not." Carrie tells me, her face unreadable.

"How bout I take you somewhere sometime?" I ask her and she plays with her hair.

"Sure. I'm staying in room 602, meet me here tomorrow at 7:00 and we'll talk." Carrie smiles, before disappearing into the elevator.

Carrie was back, and she is here. She is within minutes of me, but she doesn't remember me.

I'm going to talk her, I'm going to make her believe everything, but best of all, I'm going to make her fall in love with me, all over again.


but will she ever be able to remember the past? and will luke be able to handle the truth??

stay tuned ily

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