chapter ten

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rose's pov:

"What is even happening?" I ask my mom, tossing my black hair into a bun.

"I don't know but you're taking out the trash." My mom
points to the blue recycling bin thats under our kitchen sink. I groan before picking it up hesitantly and opening the front door, it was dry enough I could just go with socks.

"Hey." Luke says to me. Oh no, not him. He was walking past my house, I didn't even know he lived here in Australia.

"Hi." I snap at him, dumping the garbage into the can.

"I never noticed how nice your hair is." Luke says to me, coming so close, that the proximity makes me tingle inside.

"Would you like me to throw you in there too?" I ask him, motioning to the recycling bin. His face comes close to mine, and he whispers something to me that I can't recall.

"Ouch thats cold."

"Just like your heart."

"You don't even know me."

"I'm glad." I smile at him.

"Your hair looks so fake." Luke says, questioningly.


Don't touch me Luke, please don't.

This is like the first time we've hung out.

"Its not." I say, touching the top of my head and backing away slowly.

He pulls me into a tight hug.

luke's pov:

I pull her into a tight hug. I know something's up, no one 's hair is that perfect and that black.

"You sure?" I ask evilly.

She doesn't say anything to me, just nods.

I have to find out, even if its the hard way.

I notice the crinkle right above her nose when she laughs, and a dimple on her left cheek.

I pull away from the hug, and kiss her lips, closing my eyes, I taste a familiar taste, but its unrecognizable. She rubs her hand up and down my chest as I kiss her, and I move my hand behind her head, slowly moving it up her neck and to her hairline.

Or should I say, wig line.

I tug at her hair.

"Ow!" She screams, pulling away.

"Okay, this is really awkward." I say to her, so her hair is real..

"Uh yeah, you perv." Rose says, collecting her recycling bin and
heading inside.

rose's pov:

As much as I liked kissing Luke, there was no possible way I could date him, because I thought he was taken.

Sooooooo what did ya think of that twist??? ou lets add a lose or a ruke


k i know its basically all cara and luke, but dont worry , the other characters come in more later, along wit a few new ones ;))

dw you'll see more of ashton and cara's relationship,
and maybe even a few smut scenes between cara and someone??


Thanks so much for reading, and I hope you enjoy the next little bit

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