chapter five

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cara's pov:

After that twitter war, I really wanted to talk to Ashton, but he was probably with his mom and I didn't want to interrupt him on his break. I really wanted to quit the band as well. It would just make things so much easier.

I pull one of Ashton's sweaters over my head before running out into the cold, damp rain and running to the stadium.

It's an outdoor stadium that fits about 10-20 000 people. It's nothing like Madison Square Garden.

Nobody's outside when I get there luckily. I kick a stone in front of me with my shoe before sitting on the steps on the stage.

I gaze out at everything, at the empty chairs, and visions of that night came through my mind, the cheers, the screams. Why can't we just get along?

I gaze at all the empty seats, and the green field right next to it. I look beside me on the black surfaced stage, imagining the instruments and my three sisters there.

I bury my head in my hands and I smell Ashton's distinct sweet smell of smoke and cologne on it. I loved the way he smelled.

I hear an echoing slam on the stage, and I gaze down to see a pair of black combat boots walking. I look up slowly, seeing Luke's tall body standing there.

He sits down next to me. Definitely not the first person I'd want to see.

"You know, this wont take the pain away." Luke says to me.

How did he know?

"How did you know what I was feeling?" I ask him and I briefly shiver.

"I used to do this too, Cara, when I was having a rough time, I came to stages on rainy days and played my guitar, I had to get my mind off things, but it doesn't take the pain away, it makes it worse." Luke explains to me, his face not changing expression.

He seemed so happy all the time, why's he seem so upset?

"You used to be upset?" I ask him, confused.

"Hell yeah, I'm human, I have feelings." Luke says, leaning in closer to me.

I open my mouth to start speaking, but he continues.

"Whenever anything bothered me, I came to sit here, I'd sit here for hours and just hear the rain fall, envision everyone screaming my name, and my three brothers right next to me. I cried, I laughed, I smiled, I got angry. It's normal, everybody's human and no one's perfect." Luke explains, and seeing this side of him makes me see so much more good in him.

He moves closer to me, to the point where our thighs are touching. I like the electrifying feeling I get from him.

I loved hearing his voice.

"Everybody makes mistakes, everybody has days, everyone solves them a different way, I used to go onstage like you are now, and just sit and think. But it never worked." Luke explains, and seeing him so broken makes me shed a tear.

"When my girlfriend dumped me, I was a fucking mess for so long," Luke says, making a little laugh come in as he lowers his head.

"Luke, you don't have to." I say to him, putting my hand on his arm. He notices my touch.

"I want to." I nod my head and smile as he continues.

"I then realized later that sitting up here never helped me, it just made things worse, so having my three best friends by my side for the whole step of the way, I'd talk to them, and getting it out made me feel ten thousand times better, it didn't hurt as much, and I stopped coming here. When I was onstage, playing for crowds, I hear their stories, and I can see it in their faces. I'm good at reading people. They're just like me, I relate to them. I write songs that can relate to their situations and I sing them." Luke turns to me and I swear for a second, I see tears forming in the corner of his baby blue eyes.

"What's my story?" I ask him, awaiting an answer I probably didn't want.

Luke glances at me for a good minute.

He shakes his head and laughs.

"What?" I ask him, looking right into his eyes.

"You're just so beautiful." Luke says to me and I feel my cheeks turning red.

I hug him happily and his touch makes me feel safe once again, just like it did six months ago.

I can't believe I haven't told him yet. But I just cant.

"Will you do me a favour?" I ask him.

"Sure." He says to me and I hand him the slip of paper.

"Will you sing these lyrics? Record it and possibly send it to me? Its my favourite song." I give him the paper that contained the lyrics to 'I Miss You' by 'Blink 182.'

Luke nods and puts the paper in his pocket.

"So anything else you'd like me to explain?" Luke asks me.

"Why are you such a jerk sometimes?"

"I'm afraid that cant be answered."

I laugh at his sassiness.

"I have a question though." Luke says to me, seriously.

"Okay." I smile crookedly.

"Why are you wearing Ashton's sweater?"

Ooooohhhhh bustedddd.

I like the sweet side of Luke and I think that lara is heating up.

What do you think will happen next?

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