chapter eight

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cara's pov:

Every single moment from Ashton last night rings through my mind. The spins, the laughter, the kisses, the talks.


I don't love Ashton as Ashton Irwin from 5 Seconds Of Summer, I love him as Ashton. The one that brings me pizza at twelve at night saying he needs his eating buddy, the one that takes over my mind and soul, the one that makes me laugh just by being himself

I love every flaw about him that he doesn't like about himself; the way his cheeky grin never fades away, how he cant stay mad at me for more than a few minutes, how bad he is at ice skating, how his dimples form when he smiles. He hates his dimples, but I love them. He hates his obsession with bananas, but I think its cute. He hates his past, but I love hearing about it. He thinks his music taste is weird, but I think its amazing. He thinks he's a reject, a hopeless fool, but I think he's amazing, sweet and worth it.

He makes me see the world as a better place, just by being in the same room as me.

He said that my 'lipstick stain is a work of art', whatever that means.

I never wanted to let him go, but thinking back at Luke, and the earrings he gave me. The penguins with the initials L H carved into them, that was something special too.

I never wanted to let him go either, but I had to. Lets just hope Ashton stays with me.

Luke doesn't know this, but god I wish he did. I wish he did so much. I just wanna tell him, but he'd never believe me.

Besides, I don't wanna ruin anything with Ashton.

But then, sometimes they say 'your choices make you who you are.' I just hoped I was making the right one.

Okay, mkay, I know this ones short too, but these are just to get to know the characters better and to be more into them.

So basically, Cara has a secret that she's hiding from Luke! Do you think she should tell him? :O


i like lara oops.

Ashton's cheeky grins will kill me.

Okay I'm done bye . And they were just saying what they liked about each other here basically.

K now I'm
done .

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