chapter six

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calum's pov:

I feel kind of bad for Luke actually, the one girl who meant the world to him, kind of just left him after an amazing night.

I remember his exact words:

I loved her, and I never told her.

And I asked him:

You never told her?

And he said:

I was too scared.

And I said:

You should have, I kept telling you.

And then he cried to me. And being the great friend that I am, I comforted him and made sure he was going to be okay without her.

But clearly he wasn't okay, you can tell by the new freaking song he wrote.


The lyrics are nonstop running through my mind.

I sit on my bed back home and dial Luke's number.

"Hey, just wanted to make sure you're okay." I say to him and there's a long pause.

"I'm fine." I can tell he's been crying.

"No you're not." I say to him. Luke sighed, and after about an hour, he had explained everything that was on his mind.

And for the first time in forever (Yes I am quoting Frozen) I feel for Luke.

Sorry that was kinda a filler too so you could see how Calum thinks.

I promise the updates will get longer

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