chapter nine

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cara's pov:

I sit beside Luke on his huge bed. This is the first time I've ever been at his house, and his family is not at all what I expected, except for you know, Jessica.

Okay this is the first time I've been to his house without Jessica here.

I gaze to the bedside table beside his bed and glance at a picture.

It's of a girl, a girl with long brown hair flowing into a blonde ombre at the bottom, she has gorgeous blue eyes and her hair falls into ringlets. She's wearing a white sundress with blue converse sneakers. In the picture, she's covering half of her face with one hand and the other hand is on the hem of her dress. Her nails are painted a perfect white colour and her teeth are flashing. I notice little penguin earrings dangling in her ears. She's so gorgeous, I'm so jealous.

"Oh her." Luke says, noticing that I was looking at the picture.

He picks it up, and the brown frame its in sparkles.

"She's gorgeous." I say to him and I notice a tiny smile popping on his face.

"She is." Luke sighs, looking at the picture.

"That's Carrie. She was the first girl I was in love with, this is the only picture I took of her." Luke bites down on his lip ring.

"She made me so happy, she was my only girlfriend." Luke sighs and I lay next to him on the bed.

She's so lucky, knowing that she had Luke's heart, and knowing that I never ever will.

Luke takes the picture out of the frame and holds it in his hand. He reaches over and opens his window.

"What are you doing?" I ask him, trying to stop him. He wouldn't jump would he?

He takes one last long look at the picture before releasing it out the window, and closing it shut.

"What was that?" I ask and he sighs.

"I held onto her for too long. It was time to let her go." Luke says to me, a tear in his eye.

"You cant just let go of the one you love." I say to him, knowing that its not that easy.

"I come to realize that I wasn't really in love with her, I was more infatuated with her, I loved the thought of her, the way she looked, I loved loving her. I was so obsessed with loving her because I couldn't love myself. I held on for too long, and it broke me. Mentally and physically." Luke explains, laughing a little between sentences.

The tears explode down my cheeks.

"That was big of you Luke." I say to him and he smiles. I pull him into a hug.

We sit in silence for about a moment.

"So do you want to get some food?" I ask Luke after a minute.

He laughs.

"Taste the rainbow!" He screams, throwing the red skittles at me.

We play fight for about half an hour and I feel so safe next to him.

It was like New Years.

"I really like you, Cara." Luke says to me, and I like the way his voice sounds.

I like you too. A lot. I say to myself, but instead I just smile.

Right now, Luke is my anchor, I'm just praying that he doesn't pull me under.

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