chapter seventeen

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cara's pov:

Luke pulls me into his room, and into a kiss as he shuts the door with his back. He laughs and I do too.

This was possibly one of the best days of my life so far, and I got to spend it with the guy I loved.

"Thank you for-" Luke silences me, and throws me onto his bed. I wriggle under him, kicking my legs in the air.

Luke climbs on top of me, slowly caressing my chest and sides. He then moves further down my leg and up my skirt. He takes the hem of my black skirt in his shaking hands and slides it off my body, leaving me in just my red lace underwear. I knew this was a good day to wear it.

He removes the underwear with his teeth, and I start feeling a bit uncomfortable. He lifts my shirt up and starts licking my stomach and further down to my centre. His tongue goes further down, and touches the sensitive area.

"Fuck Luke.." I moan a little too loud.

He doesn't look up, I gaze down at his head in between my legs, and I cant help but say that he makes me feel fucking amazing.

He sucks on my clit and I start to scream. I roll my eyes back into my head, and I feel like I've died one thousand tiny ecstatic deaths.

"Lukeeyy." I moan and place my head down on his bed, my toes curled and my hands shaking. I didn't even know it was possible to feel this good.

Luke gets down on top of me and removes my shirt from me, and slowly massaging my breasts.

I fling my hand over his neck and rub up and down the back of it.

He kisses me once, sending a white liquid ,which I assumed came from me, into my mouth.

"I love you baby." I say to him, and then stop myself. Luke doesn't say anything, but he gets off of me.

Leaving me wanting more.

Sorry, had to keep it short and had to have some kinda twist


ja feel?!?!

so do you ship lara or cashton? (cara and ashton) not calum and ashton cause we all know tht cashton is the reason why im existing.

so what do you think is gonna happen next ? will she tel lhim?

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