chapter one

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michael's pov:

I flick the red hair dye through my messy hair and play with the ends of it.

The guys are always giving me so much grief for dying it all the time; but hey, that's who I am. I wouldn't be Michael without some colour in my hair.

We were all nervous, I could see it in Cal's face as he continuously paces back and forth in the hotel room. There were empty Arizona cans and chocolate bar wrappers laying all over the place, along with some of Ashton's stuff.

"I'm hungry." Calum bursts back into the room, in just his pajamas.

"You're always hungry." I protest to him and he glares at me.

"You always dye your hair but we never say anything about it." Luke mumbles and Calum snickers.

I roll my eyes, applying the last bit of dye to my greasy hair. Luke says I'm the only person he knows that can have super greasy hair and still look 'human.'

I look at the track list that's in Luke's hands.


Teenage Dream

Try Hard

Even though this is a short show, I'm still incredibly nervous, playing in front of 10,000 people is a dream come true if you ask me.

I just hoped that my string doesn't break, Calum's string doesn't break, Ashton doesn't snap his drum stick or Luke doesn't fumble the words.

Nothing could be worse than what happened last tour though oh my god.

I shake away the flashbacks from happening before we start to rehearse.

"I'm so nervous." Cal exclaims, biting on his nails.

Where was Ashton anyway?

"Calum Thomas Hood, you have nothing to be worried about." I snap at him, throwing a pillow at his face and he pretends to be hurt.

It was a band ritual that we used the same guitar picks, good luck I guess.

Ashton storms through the door just then, his cheeky grin somewhat more cheeky than normal.

He prances around the room, humming the lyrics to a GreenDay song that I recognized as American Idiot.

"Why are you so happy?" Luke asks him, when Ashton sighs happily.

He doesn't say anything, but closes his eyes and leans against the door frame.

God, what girl was he seeing now?


I fire up my amp and plug my guitar into it, making sure it's at full blast just to piss everyone else off.

I rip my white Sex Pistols t shirt at the shoulders and in the middle before everyone can judge me.

There's tons of people in the audience about now, all screaming and chanting our names.

This was a Battle Of The Bands competition and I'm surprised this many people showed up.

As we're ready to go on, we're interrupted by a group of four girls standing behind us with the curtain manager, what the hell?

We all turn around at one time, and we're met with four girls, each with pastel coloured hair, they weren't your average bubblegum pop shit band, they looked like punk rock.

"Tess, look who it is." The girl with pink hair and a nose ring snaps, pointing towards us.

That's when I realize, we're met with Girls Like Guys. Our old rivalry band back at the 2013 tour, when they opened for One Direction. Luke's eyes immediately zoom over to the girl with blonde hair and blue tips. She smirks at Luke and smiles lightly before resting her arm on Tessa's, I think her name was shoulder.

I groan when the girl with pink hair makes fun of MY hair. She looks like a unicorn threw up on her head for God's Sakes!

The crowd roars and the band (attempt to be a band) Girls Like Guys get onstage, pushing us out of the way before the crowd cheers again.

Luke's gaze doesn't move from blue tips the whole time.

"Lukey, you alright buddy?" Ashton asks, placing his hand on Luke's shoulder.

"Yeah, that girl just looks achingly familiar to me." Luke says, an unreadable expression in his face.

The music starts, and a recognizable song of Teenage Dream sounds on the stage.

Wow they cant even perform their own song. Wow.

How original, and a pop song too. The sound makes me cringe.

Luke's face has the same dull expression on it, but he doesn't speak a word.

"We're on after these blowholes are done." I say to the guys and Calum doubles over in laughter.

"They're not blowholes." Luke snaps at me and I throw my hands up defensively.

"Whatever." I singsong before the crowd cheers. I'm surprised they even did cheer, I wouldn't have. The only reason Calum was clapping, was because it was over.

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