chapter twenty five

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luke's pov:

The music blares loudly. Super loudly, teenagers around, in groups, dancing, some making out, it disgusted me. I hated parties. Just the whole aspect of it.

"Come on, lets get a drink." Carrie says without me even answering.

I spin around, briefly noticing pink hair in the distance. Carrie pulls me further without getting a good look and hands me a red cup.

"What is this?" I ask her and she laughs loudly.

"Its alcohol you dooface." Carrie slaps me arm and I give her a weird look.

I sip the liquid, and a warm substance flows down my throat and into my lungs.

I face forward, and I see the pink hair again, in a group of girls. One with blue tipped hair, short brown and long black. I cant believe they were here.

"Oh my God! Tessa's here!" Carrie exclaims, grabbing my hand and pulling me towards them.

She knows Tessa?

"Tessa, this is my friend Luke." Carrie says to her and I pull my hand away from hers.

Tessa gives me a slight smirk and I glare at her.

Cara looks up at me and her face almost looks saddened.

"We're joining you." Carrie says happily, sitting next to Tessa.

I sit down next to Cara hesitantly and she moves away a little bit.

I whisper in her ear

"Why are you mad at me?"

All she does is turn her head.

The group goes silent.

"Would you two like a room?" Rose smirks at me, grabbing Cara's arm and leading her and I to a room.

The door shuts behind us and I look around nervously.

"What are you thinking of?" Cara asks me and I bite down on my silver lip ring.

"Some strange things have bee happening lately." I tell her nervously, and she gives me a smirk, which makes my anxiety levels rush even further up than they're supposed to be.

Taking me by complete surprise, Cara inches closer to me, throwing her hands in front of us, and onto my chest.

She kisses my lips, sending an anxious yet great feeling down my spine, I bite her bottom lip and her hand  shakes.

I leave her lips, running my tongue up and down her neck, causing her to moan and me to smile.

"Lukeyy." She moans and I grope her, tossing her lightly onto whatever bed was near us.

I kiss her down her chest, towards her breasts and I hear her moan multiple times.

"Am I interrupting something?" The door bursts open, and I barely gaze over to see Ashton'smean expression standing in the doorway.

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