chapter twenty two

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luke's pov:

I glare at my watch, 6:30. Only half an hour and I could be thisclose to the girl I was once in love with.

But why is she here now?

Was that her at the concert?

Does she actually not remember me?

My mind wanders and I pace up and down the hallways.

"What are you doing?" Tessa asks me, coming out of her room followed by Rose.

I bite on my lip ring, sending an unusual pain through it.

"Um.. Nothing." I say to them, walking shakily down the other hallway, and back around, hoping they don't follow.

"You look nervous for something Lukey." Tessa runs up behind me, turning me around and running her fingers up and down my chest.

"I am." I say to them and they smirk at each other.

"What?" Rose asks me, and I still hate her small voice and fake looking hair.

Tessa plays with her nose ring and I look at my watch. 6:55.

How did that happen?

"I have to go, nice talk." I say to them before running down the stairs.

I'm out of breath once I reach Carrie's apartment. Or what I hoped to be Carrie's apartment.

I nervously walk up to her door, 603 she told me right? I knock on the door with a shaking hand and an old woman with grey hair answers.

"Um.. Is there a Carrie here?" I ask her and she slams the door in my face. I thought old people were nicer.

"Luke." I hear a high voice call my name, I turn my head to see her standing outside a different door, wearing a red dress and black converse. The ones I bought for her.

"Hi." I walk up to her, mesmerized by what's in front of me.

"Hi." She smiles and hugs me awkwardly. I breathe in her scent of lavender perfume.

I missed you so much Carrie. I say to myself.

"You told me the wrong room." I laugh a little.

"No, you forgot." Carrie laughs.

"Oh." I say awkwardly.

"So. what now?" I ask her.

"My brother's throwing a party if you wanna join me." She tells me, and I nod. Hoping that I make it out alive.

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