chapter seven

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ashton's pov:

"I'm so happy you came to see me." Cara says to me once I slump onto her bed.

"Me too." I say to her, kissing her on the lips lightly. I really don't know how much longer we can keep this a secret.

"Has Luke talked about a girl named Carrie?" Cara asks me and I wish she hadn't.

"Yes why." Is all I say to her, I don't want to get into how much Carrie hurt Luke.

"Just wondering." Cara bites on her nail when she talks, and that's a sign that she's hiding something.

I ignore it though.

"But this is about us. Lets have a good day together, no worries, no fan disturbances." I say to her, and she smiles.

I pull out the packet of skittles from my leather jacket pocket and hand her the red ones- the only ones she likes.

She peels the skin off of them first before eating. I loved her little flaws and quirks that she hates about herself.

I grab her hand in mine and she interlocks our fingers together.

"I'm lucky to have you." Cara says, which makes me blush.

"I'm luckier to have you." I cheerfully sing to her and she laughs. I pull her off the bed and twirl her and she rolls into me.

She laughs.

I love the way that her nose crinkles when she laughs and smiles, I love the way that her forehead lines extend in and out when she raises her eyebrows. I love the way that she dresses, I love the way that her stomach looks in a bikini, I love the way that she eats her chocolate covered bananas. I love the way she's herself around me.

I love her not as Cara Harrington from Girls Like Guys, but as Cara Harrington, the girl in my heart and on my mind. I'm so freaking lucky to have someone like her, and to call her mine, and I want to be the one who's there for her when she needs somebody, or when she just wants to talk about whatever.
I love it when she calls me at two am because her plants are oddly shaped, I love the way she lays in bed next to me, and lets me wrap my arms around her.
I love the way she looks in my sweaters and jackets.
I love the way her lips taste when I kiss her- a strawberry chapstick that she always uses.
I love her little collection of animal earrings that she keeps stored away.
I love the way she picks the skin off of skittles and m&ms and only eats the red ones.
I love the way she calls her mom 'madre' with a tiny accent.
I love the way she looks in glasses.
I love all the tiny little things that she doesn't like about herself, and the things that no one else notices.

Maybe because they're not lucky enough to be around her enough to notice them.

Everyone knows her as Cara Harrington, the lead singer of punk sensation band, Girls Like Guys with the blue dip dyed hair.

But I know her as Cara, the girl of my dreams.

She's not afraid to be herself around me, and that's the most attractive quality to me.

"So what do you want to do?" I ask her, placing my lips on hers.

"Whatever you want." She says into me, I don't do how I did it, but I got her, now she's mine.

She pulls me onto her by my jacket, still kissing me and I'm laying on top of her, our legs folded within each other's and I can't remember the last time I felt this way about anybody.

I laugh as she tickles me and I fall off her bed, crashing loudly.

"Oh my gosh! Babe are you okay?" Cara asks me.

"I'm fine." I tell her, laughing as I stand up beside her bed.

I lay down in her bed next to her and we just talk. We say whatever's on our minds. And right now, I'm only talking about her.

Omg so how's CASHTON??? Or do you like Cuke? or would it be Lara? LARA LARaA LARAAA!

Sorry this ones kinds short its just a filler ;) lots more is gonna happen, so keep readingg.

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