chapter fifteen

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luke's pov:
I inhale and exhale deeply before walking backstage with my best friends.

Girls Like Guys had just finished singing their new hit song 'Don't Be Afraid' and I gotta be honest, I was jamming out.

It's amazing how so much could happen in one month, how I never even wanted to associate with any of the icky band members, and now I'm madly in love with one of them. I think time just kind of relapses itself I guess.

I deep breath once more before walking onstage, I view all the people in the crowd, all girls pretty much between the ages of 12-30.

I adjust the volume on the earpiece before strumming the strings on my acoustic guitar, and slam into amnesia.

I start singing the first few lines, when I see someone.

A girl.

A girl who's wearing a 5 Seconds Of Summer t shirt, she has the crinkled nose when she's smiling, brown wavy hair cascading into an ombre blonde, and strawberry red lipstick.

I blink away the vision and look back at the audience, she's still sitting there, that lovely face. That beautiful face. The face I remember.

She meets my gaze, and then I see her piercing blue eyes, catching way with mine. She's just some normal girl, Luke, what ya doing?

Just some crazed fan, get over yourself.

"But she's so beautiful." I say back.

"I know Luke, but concentrate on what you're doing."

"Luke, I'm trying."

I gaze at her again, and she knows I'm staring at her. She turns her head to the side, and that's when I see it. Penguin earrings dangle from her ears, and from here, I can see a distant letter carved into the hat of the penguin. L.

A letter L.

"I want you to have these." I say to Carrie, and her smile is so wide.

She kisses my cheek before putting them in her ears. The shiny black and silver metal dangling down. The hats have L and H carved in them, so she'll always remember my initials.

"I hope you like them." I say to her.

"I love them!" She exclaims, hugging me, and I don't want this hug to ever come to an end.

"I wish that I could wake up with amnesia." I sing out loud, losing my train of thought.

Once the songs over, I jolt up and wave at the crowd before preparing for our next one.

But I cant get my mind off her, her familiarities, her beautiful hair and smile. The way her nose crinkles when she smiles and her dimple on her left cheek pokes holes through her face.

Luke was right, she's just a fan, but the other Luke says that she's not. It's Carrie, and she's coming back for me.

Okay the next chapter has
emotional Luke showing through, the bold text is relapses and the italics is dreams of his.

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