chapter eighteen

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cara's pov:

I storm out of my room and down the street, the rain pours down from the sky as I walk, I guessed that seeing Luke wasn't an option right now.

I continue walking, and I see something poking out of the corner of a bush. Actually two things.

I pull them out.

One's a picture of a boy, a boy who looks about nine years old, he has his two front teeth missing, squinted eyes and dirty blonde hair.

The second one, is Luke's picture. The one that he let go of.
The beautiful girl.

I see out of the corner of my eye, a girl walking. She matches the photo almost identically. Could it be?

I did a double take.

It was.

She approaches me, and I say a polite hello.

"Hey! Aren't you Cara from Girls Like Guys?" She asks me, a cheerful tone in her voice.

How can she be so happy after letting someone like Luke go?

"I am."

"Huge fan!" She exclaims.

"I gotta a question girl." I say to her, snappily and she gives a weird look.

"Why did you ever let go of Luke?" I ask her and she sighs.

"It was too much. He got too clingy."

"He needed somebody."

"Why me?"

"Carrie, he loved you."

"How do you know my name?"

"He talks about you nonstop."


"He loves you Carrie, and you freaking went and broke his fragile heart. If you cant see how great he is, then you don't deserve him."

"I did love him."

"Did. But you dont now."

"I do."

"You wouldn't give a damn if he said he wanted you back. He pleaded and pleaded and pleaded every fucking night for you. He stayed up until 4 am writing stuff down about you, spent countless hours looking at your pictures and thumbing through old messages, just to be reminded that he loved you, and he thought you loved him too. But it looks like you didn't. And now that he's moved on, you're back. I have something to say to people like you."

"Fuck you."

And Carrie storms off crying.

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