Chapter 21

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Mitch's POV

I dribbled the ball to my left, holding back Connor with my right arm as I slowly made my way closer to the basket.

When I felt like I was close enough, I faked left then went up for the layup.

"No fair!" Connor pouted, breathing heavily.

"It's perfectly fair. I'm winning." I smirked, grabbing the ball and tossing it to Connor.

He caught it and stuck his tongue out at me. "Will you let me score against you at least once?"

"Nah, I'm not going easy on you remember? We agreed on giving it our all." I smiled, getting in a defensive position as he started dribbling.

"But it's twenty five to zero." He pouted again.

"C'mon kiddo, stop complaining and try."

Huffing in frustration, he started the next round.

About half an hour later we were sitting on the lawn, drinking a bottle of water while trying to catch our breath.

"I can't believe you beat me." Connor sighed.

I smirked. "At least you scored."

"A free throw, Mitch. It was literally given to me."

"Still a point." I countered.

He scoffed and rolled his eyes, laying back on the grass.

"Whatcha thinking about?" I asked, leaning back on one arm.

He shrugged. "Just all that's been going on."

I lightly punched his arm. "Don't worry. The dark sorcerer can't hurt you while I'm around."

Connor smiled. "That helps a lot, Mitch. Aren't you worried about the rest of the team though?"

I nodded. "I'm a little concerned about them, but I know they can handle themselves."

Connor sighed and looked up at the sky, me doing the same.

"I hope they're okay."

"Oh they're not. Probably about to be blown to bits." the dark sorcerer's all too familiar voice stated.

I jumped to my feet and pulled out the kitchen knife I had snatched from the table, holding it up threateningly

The dark sorcerer stood as well, having been laying where my brother once was, and smirked at me.

"I'm excited. After I finished with your friend and his family I came right over here to see a touching moment between you and little Connor."

I gripped the knife tightly and growled. "Get out of here dark sorcerer. You won't hurt my family."

He rolled his eyes, keeping his smug smirk.

"And what are you going to do to stop me?"

I snarled and lunged at him, punching his jaw and sending him sprawling across the lawn.

Before the man had a chance to scramble to his feet, I plunged my knife into his chest.

He let out a guttural gasp and my vision flickered for a moment.

"Not everything is as it seems." The sorcerer spat, my vision flickering once more.

I froze, knife ripping out of Connor's chest.

"M-Mitch, wh-why?"

"No, no, no, Connor don't you die on me, alright? Don't you go dying on me like this." I muttered, putting pressure on his chest.

"Wh-Why?" He whispered, his skin going pale.

"Connor I don't know alright? I thought you were the dark sorcerer. Please just hang on." I pleaded.

His small hand slowly gripped mine as he shook his head weakly. "I-I love y-you."

Connor's voice came out small soft and quite, his eyes fading shut.

"Connor. C'mon Connor don't do this. Connor?" I whimpered, his head lulling to the side.

"No, please. Please don't die. Connor please. NO!"

Tears streamed down my face as I balled up his bloody shirt in my fist, placing my forehead on his chest.

"I can't loose you again."

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