Chapter 11

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Yes! Merry Christmas to you all!

Even though I'm a day late, whatevs.

Quirren's POV (that's right!)

I couldn't move.

My body wouldn't listen to me.

Daddy? What's going on?

Oh great, he's frozen too.

The others left us a while ago.

Are they done fighting?


Mitch? Oh no. What's going on?!

I struggled to break free of the invisible force holding me, but to my dismay I couldn't even flinch.

Daddy I'm scared!

What am I doing, he can't hear me.

He's frozen too.

Please help me.


Who was that? Ty?



I tried again to break free, once again finding it no use.

More screams rang loudly in my ears before the area fell completely silent except for a pair of heavy footsteps.

The dark sorcerer walked in front of us and smirked slightly, blood spattered all over his teal colored shirt.

"Not as strong as you thought you were huh?" He mused towards my dad.

I could tell he was struggling.

The dark sorcerer grinned maniacally and paced slowly in front of us, his soulless eyes constantly trained our way.

"Your friends are dead, gone, no more. Back to reality they go." He sang, stopping in front of me.

He bent down and placed a finger under my chin, forcing me to look into his glowing eyes.

"I'll give you two the chance to warn your precious Team Crafted of my return. Just be aware," he straightened his back, resting his arm at his side "they won't survive."

For a split second, I was able to move freely, then his eyes flashed a bright white and Minecraftia disappeared.

Welcome to reality.

Adam's POV

"Wait, let me get this straight, a fan told you he's coming back?" Quentin questioned.

I nodded. "She whispered into my ear that he's coming. Did anyone think she looked the slightest bit familiar?"

"Adam are you sure those screaming kids didn't mess with your head? I think you're imagining things." Jason asked.

"I'm not crazy! Has anyone else seen anything out of the ordinary involving the dark sorcerer?!" I exclaimed.

No one spoke.

Great. My friends think I belong in a mental institute.

I sighed and ran a hand through my hair.

I'm not insane am I?

Nah, there's no way. Is there?


A loud noise boomed through the convention, the lights flickering out soon after.


I looked around frantically, trying to see through the pitch black.

Screams of panic and surprise rang in my ears as a hand grabbed me and jerked me back.

I stumbled after whoever had my wrist in their clutches and tried to pry it free.

"Adam chill, it's me Ty." His voice hissed.

My attempts at escaping immediately stopped and I looked around, eyes wide.

Where is everyone?

What's going on?

Suddenly, I was jerked to a stop and a hand forced me to look somewhere.

I froze as my eyes landed on two white orbs in the darkness, both pointed straight at me.

There we go.

How's that for a late Christmas gift?


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